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The likes and dislikes of Bart Simpson

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What are your favorite sports movies? What are your least favorite sports movies?
Favorite sports movie: "Extreme Skating Zombie Warriors 4." My least favorite: "Mild Skating Zombie Wussies 4."

Who is the best athlete turned actor? Shaquille o'neal, the rock, or dan marino?
Shaquille O'Neal. He's played a number of roles in movies. I just wish he could play the role of a decent free-throw shooter during games.

If someone were to make a movie about your life, what actor would you like to play you?
Hm, who could be awesome enough to play me? I'd say a cross between Keanu Reeves and Dracula.

What is the best trick you can do on a skateboard?
This one time I hit a truck ramp, caught sick air and jumped ten parked cars, then bounced off a trampoline in Flanders' backyard and over a fence, and landed in my tree house. I swear it's true! This one dude saw the whole thing, but you can't ask him. He moved away.

Have you met any pro athletes? Who were the coolest? Who were the worst?
Donovan McNabb was really cool when he gave me his autograph, and really uncool when he caught me selling fake copies on eBay.

What's the secret to a good prank call?
In these days of caller I.D. I suggest you use someone else's phone line. I like to use Flanders'. They have a cordless phone which works all the way over in our house.

If you were a sports announcer, what would your catch phrase be? Every time there was a homerun I would yell: "Boo-chaka-boo-chaka-do-ditty-do-ditty-tacka-wacka-boo-boo-yum!" I sure hope there wouldn't be a lot of homeruns.

If you could have tickets to one of the following events - super bowl, world series, olympics, x games, or monster truck rally - which would you go to and why?
I'd actually rather see an opera... an opera about a bunch of monster trucks crushing stupid opera singers!

Have you ever come up with any cool sports inventions?
One time before a baseball game, I replaced third base with a whoopie cushion. When the runner tagged third he was too embarrassed to run home.

How do you think your dad would do in a competitive eating contest?
He'd do very well. And he'd do even better if the eating contest was followed by a competitive heart attack contest.

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