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Jail awaiting Hollywood's pampered

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By: Sunil Noronha
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The recent trips that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan made to jail are examples of the pampered lives that they lead. There was much haloo-baloo about the painful experiences that Paris faced while behind bars. Well it is well known that fact that she was born an heiress. So her entire life shes's been pampered with the best of all that they can ever be.

She stands to inherit billions after the sale of the Hilton brand of hotels. And you feel sad for her because she has to spend a few days in jail. Poor thing but the day she was out on prison, she was back on the social circuit partying away.

Lindsay Lohan has a life of equal luxury. Her claim to fame was early on and so did the riches pile up. Soon at 18, she was officially a Hollywood celebrity with a number of movies and DVD's to her name. But then the trouble started. Her bosses scolded her for not turning up on the set of Georgia Rule. Then there was her much publicized fainting episode. But seriously speaking, couldn't she have been a good girl and avoided it all.

None other than Britney Spears completes the pampered trio of Hollywood. A child star to start with, she was good girl until she suddenly lashed out against her mothers control on her. Then came the downfall - her 55-hour marriage, her driving with her baby on her lap, her divorce with husband, the battle over her kids...the list is long. She even shocked everybody by shaving herself bald, exchanging her clothes for a bikini and knickers at a restaurant...

What we see here is the pampered in Hollywood reaping what they sow. Whether you're a Hollywood star or not, you are as normal as everyone else and the same rules apply for you too. So all we should wait for now is when Britney is going to jail...finally phew...

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