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harry potter book on the net: Fans livid

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Despite intense international security, the entire text of harry potter and the Deathly Hallows has been leaked on the Internet, four days before its official release at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

Photographs of what appears to be every page of the 784-page book were posted Tuesday on several file-sharing sites and then posted openly as photos on Internet pages.Some of the text is blurry, but most of it -including the ending and the fate of the main character - is clearly legible.

Yesterday's event clearly underscores the Pottermania sweeping across the globe, in anticipation of how the harry potter saga will end. The question on everybody's mind is : Will Harry live or die in the end?

The series' US publisher, Scholastic has had its lawyers suing a website, gaiaonline.com, for puttin up photo text of the Potter novel, and asked for the name of the person who had posted it on the site. Predictably, Gaia has turned over the name and removed the photos. But other sites have had a free run till now.

Scholastic's president of trade publishing and book fairs, Lisa Holton, avers that as the official publication date gets closer, more attempts will be made by some people to compromise the secrecy of the novel's content. However, she added that several versions of the leaked text are circulating on the internet, each contradicting the other, so the Potter fans can discern well as to what is happening. She also said that Scholastic's requests to some websites have been heeded, and the majority have removed the content from their sites.

The identity of the leaker is unknown, but some have made attempts to convert those illegible pictures files of the Potter book into legible word files by recruiting volunteers, as postings and blogs on some sites indicate.

Anger and indignation mark the varied reactions of the Potter fans to this revelation. Some even say they will avoid newspapers, radio, and tv, until they have finished reading the book, just to keep their suspense and the thrill intact. The booksellers too are downright angry with the leakage of the book's content.

The security surrounding the book, both in the US as well as UK is very stringent and unprecedented in the history of publishing.

Some booksellers said they don't believe most young readers will allow the plot spoilers to get to them, if they can avoid it, and read the book only once it is officially released in the coming week.

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