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Kirsten Dunst fed up with movies

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Kirsten Dunst almost quit acting after filming Spider-Man 3. The actress has revealed she became "sick" of acting and decided to take a break after filming the third superhero movie.Kirsten told Live magazine: "I was in a lot of pain while I was making Spider-Man 3. Afterwards, I was done with acting. I was so sick of giving myself to other people, because I had nothing in my life that was all mine. When I finished the film, I needed a very long break from movies. I couldn’t look at a script, I didn't care about acting and I haven't worked since, because that's the thing that's been causing the most pain."

Kirsten, 25, said a major cause of her depression was the poor response to Marie Antoinette, which was booed at the Cannes Film Festival. She said: "Cannes was difficult. I got there and it was like Miami had taken over the South of France. It was horrible even before a few people booed at one of the screenings. There were no more than six of them, but it was like they s**t on the film. I was so angry about the way people were talking about it and fed up with this business. The movie was personal to me. It felt like everyone was stamping on me."

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