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Hollywood makes Nicole Kidman dizzy

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Washington (ANI): Actress Nicole Kidman admits that it isn't easy balancing a professional and personal life in the movie biz. The Oscar winner admits that acting to her is something akin to boxing, where the person is torn between two worlds - hurting people inside the ring, and then living a 'normal' life outside it. "It's like you put a boxer in a ring and you say, 'I want you to almost kill someone, and then I want you to step out of the ring and not use your fists,'" Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"And it's like you put an actor in a movie and ask them to be really raw and available and then you've got to go back into life and be really disciplined and adult. You're constantly trying to balance it," she added. Kidman, in the meantime, hasn't had a very easy time with her most recent movie 'The Invasion', for not only was the flick panned by critics, but also bombed at the box office. She will now be seen in the romantic comedy 'Margot at the Wedding' alongside actor Jack Black. The movie is scheduled for an October 2007 release in the US.

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