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Spot Angelina Jolie's best body part

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Angelina Jolie
Washington (ANI): With her looks, style and charms, Angelina Jolie proudly boasts of her tag of being one of Hollywood's sexiest lady. Now, a list describing the stunner's ten best body parts has been compiled to help you decide which feature of hers is the best.

E! Online has come up with a list of the Wanted actress' Ten Best Body Parts.

Jolie's 10 best body parts are:

1. Lips: If she had only one body part, this would be it.
2. Eyes: Commanding yet gentle, these warm green orbs seem to offer the rest of us an easy way in.
3. Trigger finger: The lefty action hero hits her target with more flare and precision than Will, Bruce or even Uma.
4. Brain: She's been called the smartest woman in Hollywood, reports E! Online.
5. Left arm: Specifically the tattoo detailing the coordinates—latitude and longitude—of where Maddox, Pax, Shiloh and Zahara were born.
6. Uterus: The most famous, hyped, buzzed-about and potentially profitable internal organ in all of Hollywood.
7. Hips: She has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.
8. Breasts: They rarely steal the show.
9. Forehead mole: Sometimes it's exotic, sometimes it's zitlike. But Jolie herself has said, "I find flaws attractive."
10. Heart: She's opened her home to—so far—three orphans from around the world.

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