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Eva Longoria reveals her secret of staying slim

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Eva Longoria
London (ANI): Mexican-American film actress Eva Longoria revealed how she manages to stay fit and healthy - exercising and eating healthy food. The 33-year-old was asked in an interview if it was the Hollywood lifestyle, which was pressurizing her into staying slim and she replied in the negative.

"No, not at all. At the level I'm at in my career, it's about the acting, not about my size," News of the World quoted her as saying. "I have a degree in kinesiology, which is studying the body, physical training and appearance, so a sensible attitude is ingrained in me. The Hollywood lifestyle just happens to be the one I live - I like staying in shape and eating healthily.

"I don't do it because anyone else is telling me to," she said. When asked about peer pressure and if she had ever gone on a diet to lose weight, she replied in the negative, saying she loved chocolate and that as long as it is in moderation, it is fine.

"I've never dieted per se, but I love meat and fish and was raised eating fresh vegetables, so I'm used to quite a good diet. I'm not a big bread or pasta person - I don't avoid carbs on purpose, I just don't really like them," she stated. She does not take diet tips from her celebrity friends, as their diets are not the same, but loves to cook and eat Mexican food and since her husband is French, she has also added French food to her diet.

"I don't really take tips from my friends - Victoria Beckham is a vegetarian, for example, so our diets are really different - but we have each other round for meals," she revealed. The only thing the actress worries about is gaining weight around her bottom, and so to keep it off, she does cardio, weight training, ballet-style bar training, kickboxing, four times a week.

"I worry about gravity taking its toll, and that's why I work out regularly - anything for my butt," she admitted. "But I also do it because it keeps me healthy, not to lose weight. I get ill less and feel fresher when I exercise. "Then I often go home, eat chocolate ice cream and tell myself it's all right because I've balanced it out with the exercise!" she added.

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