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Teen stars getting more level headed

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Hayden Panettiere
It seems that unlike in the years gone by the upcoming star in Hollywood who make their mark in or before their teens have become more level headed. Earlier former teen stars like Britney Spears, The Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore have all been the wild child kinds who have got the sex, drugs and parties life well before they were full fledged majors. Now it seems that the present group of teen stars seems to be way more level headed that their predecessors.

Take for example Miley Cyrus. All people know her for is her show Hannah Montana and not for her fashion sense, who her boyfriend is or whether she has one in the first place. She makes waves for saying that "Jesus Rocks" and for making shows like The Miley and Mandy Show. Fellow actress Hayden Panettiere is not the kind of girl who you'd see running around in pint sized clothes or sleeping with a hundred guys before she turned 18. Rather you'd see her saving whales in Japan, putting her life on the line.

Amanda Bynes though on her way to becoming a star actress in years to come has not compromised to get there. She is not seen in the tabloids nor does her name spurn the gossip mills. Ashley Tisdale too falls in that category of young actress who have their head in the right place. With more and more people making the scene, it seems that young Hollywood has learnt a lesson from the troubled past of youngsters who have turned stars in Hollywood at a early and and have done the right things not to end up in rehab, on tabloids or on Youtube in a sex scandal video.

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