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Natalie Portman tired of playing prostitutes

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Natalie Portman
Washington (ANI): Actress Natalie Portman has had enough of scripts in which the only role for her is that of either a stripper or a prostitute. The 26-year-old is now looking for a good romantic comedy but it seems that Hollywood just wants her to play hookers, like she did in Closer.

"I have recently been getting frustrated with the number of roles for strippers or prostitutes I get or the opposite, the pure one. That dichotomy exists so strongly," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying. The Star Wars actress said that she was sick of getting roles just on the extremes of good and bad.

"It's the virgin/whore thing in evidence to the greatest extent. That's bothering me. I want to find a character who is complicated. I also love comedies, but every time I read a comedy, the girl is in fashion and really into clothes and just wants to get married," she said. She added: "I would also love to do a romantic comedy, where the woman has a real job."

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