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Nicholas Cage sends snakes home

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Nicholas Cage
Washington (ANI): Nicolas Cage has been forced to return two pet snakes after his neighbours threatened him with a lawsuit. The neighbours were terrified of the two poisonous reptiles, and in order for Cage to avoid the lawsuit, he had to return them to the store from where he had purchased them.

The 44-year-old, 'Leaving Las Vegas' star, had kept the reptiles at his Hollywood home for three years, causing much displeasure among local residents. However he soon saw the light of day, when he was threatened with the lawsuit. "They threatened to sue unless I got rid of them. I could see their point," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

He revealed how his life became a waking nightmare after he used drugs. He first became addicted in his twenties, after he started experimenting with hard drugs. He described how his life was turned topsy turvy by the use of the illegal substance. Cage, who is 44-years-old, started going through depression, however his desire for new experiences drove him to continue with his drug use.

"Drugs make every single nightmare you ever had come true. In my twenties I went through a period of drinking and drug-taking. It didn't make me happy but I wanted to experience them to know how they would make me feel," Contactmusic quoted him as saying. "I never went to rehab, I never went through any form of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). I went through years of experimenting and then hit the realisation that it just didn't work for me," he added.

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