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Controversy strikes Pattinson-Stewart starrer New Moon

By: By Raymond Ronamai
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Amidst the hype around the Twilight Saga: New Moon starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, a controversy has cribbed in. Twilight series fans are eagerly waiting for the release of its latest series but this piece of news could turn the youngsters away. It is said that the film depicts unhealthy relationship between the sexes.

Janni Aragon, a political scientist from University of Victoria, has blasted the new series New Moon and warned parents from letting their children watch it, alleging that it doesn"t depict healthy relationships between the sexes. She said that she understands the difference between fact and escapist fiction but doubt if her 11-year-old daughter will. She feels that Kristen"s character is not a good role model for young girls.

The Twilight movies are based on books by author Stephenie Meyer. They revolve around the characters Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson.

The problem is that Edward watches Bella even while she is asleep, and this is nothing but what we call 'stalking" in real life. It doesn"t happened to people who are deeply in love. Bella"s character is weak in the flick, as she feels numb and lonely through her senior year of high school and Edward"s images comes to her mind whenever she puts herself in jeopardy, thus making her to take greater risks just to be with him.

Some are of the opinion that Bella is always in need. She is a follower while Edward thinks he is the best and dictates, and including stalking around. It is said that it is unrealistic and doesn"t happen in real life. The dark side of the flick is that it has chances of misleading the young couples.

Now, the big question is – will this controversy turn into a good publicity tool or affect the box-office collections when it releases this Friday? Only time can answer this.

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