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Reggie Bush dumps Kim Kardashian

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Washington, (ANI): Football player Reggie Bush has reportedly dumped socialite Kim Kardashian because he doesn't want to marry her. A source close to Kardashian, 29, revealed that this time it is for good, as Bush, 25, just "wasn't feeling it anymore", especially since what he wants differs totally from her lifestyle. "Kim has been pushing for marriage, especially since Khloe got hitched, the pressure's been on," Radar Online quoted the source as saying.

"She feels it's the next step for her and Reggie. But Reggie knows deep down in his heart that he doesn't want to marry Kim. "He basically put it on the line for her - he wants a wife that is a support system to him and would be a stay at home mom to his children."Reggie loves Kim but he knows that''s just not her. He loves her drive and ambition, and he thinks she''s amazing, he truly loves her, but he knows she''s just not the right kind of girl for him to marry," the source said.

The split is said to have happened amidst reports of Bush cheating on Kardashian, and their struggle to maintain a long distance relationship is also said to have added to it. "Kim is so caught up in the whole Hollywood thing, and that's totally not Reggie''s scene," the source said. "He's a jock, he's a ball player, that's his career and his life, and he just feels that Kim doesn't fit 100 percent into that. "Reggie didn't want to string Kim along, he basically told her that she deserves to be with someone that can make the commitment that she wants.

"Kim is devastated, she loves Reggie with all her heart and truly believed that he would be her husband and the father of her children. "She's so maternal and is really in the place for kids right now - that''s just been amplified by the birth of Mason, her nephew."Kim kind of feels her sisters are leaving her behind, one is married and one is a mom - two things she really wants to be," the source stated. Another source close to the Kardashians said they don't think Kim and Reggie will be able to work through this split and get back together, as they did last time. "It has been a really rocky road for them and I'm not sure if they will get through this one," the source added.

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