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Mark Croft on wife Kerry Katona: I f***ing hate her

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London (ANI): Kerry Katona's estranged hubby Mark Croft says a divorce between the pair is imminent following his wife's romance with a Royal Marine she encountered at a fitness camp. Croft, 38, believes it over between them.

"There is no going back," the News of the World quoted Croft, as saying. He went on: "I believe that she is now used goods. Divorce is inevitable. She went to boot camp as my Kez and came back two weeks later a completely different person. Suddenly it was all herbal teas and getting up at 5am to jog. The old Kez wouldn't have lied or betrayed her kids. It's as though she has been brainwashed. I would like to wring her neck. I f***ing hate her."

The ex-cabbie left the family home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, after finding out that Kerry was having an affair with dad-of-three Kevin, 31. Kerry, 29, fell for Kevin at the GI Jane boot camp in Kent in two months ago on a two-week fitness regime to shed extra pounds.

According to Croft, after five days at the camp she asked him to visit her with their youngest child Max, one. Croft said: "We only had three hours together but we made love and she was crying when I left She'd already lost 4lbs and I told her not to go too skinny." Kerry asked him to come back the following Friday for her passing out parade, but he said: "Suddenly she stopped answering my calls claiming she was working out or in bed, tired."

Kerry then told him not to return to boot camp but to meet her in London the following day. Croft said: "I later found out why. Her muscleman was at the camp. In London I asked if I'd done something wrong. She turned her back on me. It was like a different Kez."

They stayed at a hotel with Kerry's daughters Molly, nine, Lilly, eight, and her kids with Croft Heidi, three, and Max. Croft recalled: "I tried to cuddle her but there was no love there. On our way home next day we stopped for tea. We all had Burger King but Kez wouldn't eat wheat so she had chicken popcorn from KFC. That's all part of her new diet. The next day I got a text from her saying, 'Mark we need to talk. I am not happy'."

Croft returned home to talk to her. It was Lilly's birthday party so the couple left the children playing and went to the bedroom. Croft said: "She told me 'Mark I don't love you any more. It isn't working. I said, 'Fair enough, there's nothing I can do about it'. I didn't think it was another man."

"But I had to ask her. I said, 'Swear on the kids' lives you haven't met somebody else'. She said, 'I can't do that'. My stomach sank. She said it was a fitness expert called Kevin. I felt sick. She said, 'I swear on the kids' lives that nothing more has happened than a couple of kisses'. I believed her because she swore on the kids' lives."

"She said I should sleep on the top floor in the nanny's room while we got money together for a deposit for me for a new place. I thought maybe we could work things out. I took her engagement and wedding rings off her. I hoped she was on a bipolar downer and it would be OK. We even continued to have sex."

Two weeks later, reports emerged that Kerry had secretly met up with Kevin. Croft said: "Kerry said it was rubbish and I believed her." But on February 26 pal called Croft and claimed Kerry had lied. Croft said: "Kerry told me she was at an interview in London about the fat camp when really she had been with him."

"He had paid for her to fly to Portsmouth where he lives. She did the boot camp interview over the phone so she could go and meet him in Wales - conniving f****r. Another time she said she'd been out with a friend in Warrington so she'd stayed at her mum's - but she'd really met him in Wales. She left her Hummer outside her mum's to cover her tracks because one of my mates had seen it parked there. How premeditated is that?"

Croft had screamed on Kerry over the phone. He said: "I really lost it. I shouted at her until she cried," he said. "She had lied to me and made me look a d**khead. She deserved it. Imagine if something happens to one of the kids now . . . I don't know if she is in love with him but she has lost me," he added.

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