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Montana Fishburne wanted to do adult films at 16

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Thousands of models and actress plan to make it big in Hollywood entertainment industry. Some of them pose topless or semi-naked to different channels of media. They do this mainly because of publicity. Hardly a few will dare to do a porn movie. Here is a girl, who has the courage to do adult movie and she is proud of it too.

This girl is none other than The Matrix star Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana Fishburne, who is making a big news in the Hollywood adda with her first pornographic movie. The 18-year-old babe has already shot an adult film herself at her home which has been produced by the world's largest adult video producer, Vivid Entertainment.

In an interview to US Weekly, Montana says movie that she had a little passion inside her to do porn when she was 16, but she could not come out publicly because she was afraid of people's reactions. Now, she is 18 and she just wants to do porn films. She wants people to see her porn films.

Talking about mainstream acting, Montana says that she is not at all interested in becoming actress. She says, "I wasn't really into mainstream acting. People would ask me, 'Do you want to get into acting? Do you want to be an actress?' and I would say, straight up, 'No...' I knew I wanted to do adult films."

The Matrix star's daughter says that she became passionate about doing sex films after watching her first sex tape. She says, "I watched it, I liked it. I was like, 'Wow, now I really want to do it', after seeing myself... I just took it from there. I became really passionate after my first at-home video." However, she is currently in talks with Vivid for second tape.

Meanwhile, the babe has not spoken to her father Laurence Fishburne since her film was announced. Now he is very upset over her decision to enter the adult film industry. According to TMZ.com report, the actor's close friends have even tried to offer Vivid Entertainment $1 million to stop shipment of Montana's DVDS.

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