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      Brit women carry #250 worth of make-up in their bags daily

      By Ani

      London, Feb 3 (ANI): A study has found that British women, on average, carry around more than 250 pounds worth of make-up every day in their bag.

      The study revealed that women in Glasgow, Leeds and London wore the most "slap" - make-up - carrying an average of 20 beauty items around with them, including eyelash curlers and false eyelashes.

      And women in Edinburgh appear to favour the more natural look, with only five items in their make-up bags: mascara, lipstick, powder, hand cream and perfume.

      The study found that on average 13 items were considered essential, each costing about 20 pounds each, giving a grand total of 256 pounds per handbag.

      Mascara easily topped the list, with 95 percent of women saying they wouldn't go anywhere without it.

      A favourite bottle of perfume and foundation came next - carried by 79 percent and 76 percent of women and costing on average 50 pounds and 25 pounds respectively.

      Mondays and Fridays are the days that the 1,000 women who took part in the poll admitted getting most "tooled up".

      While women aged 18 to 25 carried the most make-up, researchers found it was professional women aged 35 to 44 whose make-up bags were stocked with the most expensive brands.

      "British women are renowned for their love of beauty products, as shown by the weight and worth of their well-stocked make-up bags," the Scotsman quoted Ruth Attridge, spokeswoman for Debenhams, which carried out the research, as saying.

      "However, when your make-up bag becomes the most valuable item in your handbag, it's time to ensure your insurance is up to date," she stated. (ANI)

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