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Oprah Winfrey revisits her first job after 26 years!

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The Oprah Winfrey Show on BIG CBS LOVE, Oprah goes back to her first job after 26 years anchoring the evening news! Celebrities like Shania Twain, Madonna and Jay Leno—worked behind the counter at fast food joints before they were famous. In this episode we also have Kirstie Alley, Suze Orman and Martina McBride go back to their first jobs. The exciting episode tells us how their first jobs help them become celebrities they are today.

While Oprah was in Dallas filming a show at the annual state fair, she did something she hasn't done in 26 years: a live newscast! Oprah shared the anchor desk with Gloria Campos, a TV news legend in Dallas. Gloria says, "I'm a little nervous because she is such a good talker. Time might get away from us."

As the clock ticked closer to 5 pm, Oprah says she started to get nervous. "My anxiety dream is always I'm sitting at a news desk with Walter Cronkite and all my papers are confused," she says. But as soon as the teleprompter started to roll, it all came back to her!

Oprah says she'll never forget her first job-as a teenager working at the corner grocery store next to her father's barber shop. She says, "I wasn't allowed to talk to the customers, and can you imagine for me? That was very, very, very hard." At 16, she landed a job that paid her to talk. A Nashville radio station, hired Oprah to read the news on the air. This gig helped Oprah get her big break. In 1973, Oprah was a 19-year-old sophomore in college when she got a call that changed her life. "I remember leaving class to go take a phone call from Channel 5's Chris Clark," she says.

Oprah"s first boss Chris says, "What you see in Oprah today is what I saw so many years ago. Oprah, you had the magic to communicate on television, and that is natural born. You just can't learn that." Chris adds, "She spent all of her time on the telephone trying to find help for these people instead of writing the darned story to meet the deadline. It probably was very good she never got the message. Look at her today. I mean, come on. She has empathy for people. She wouldn't be Oprah without that."

At 16, Kirstie Alley entered into the workforce as a housekeeper. A childhood friend's mother, Anne Kathol, hired Kirstie to clean their house and taught her lessons. To this day, Kirstie says she can still make a sink sparkle. Kirstie graduated to decorating them and got her first job at Dean's Designs, a Wichita interior design firm.

Suze Orman also put on a dress for the first time in decades to see if she still has what it takes to make it as a diner waitress. Suze says, "Who you are how you treat people, how you serve people, how you cater to them. I learned if you could just be kind to people, if you could just be pleasant to people, that the greatest tip in life is when they smile back at you."

For the first time in more than 20 years, country star Martina McBride made a stop in Hutchinson, Kansas, to revisit the Dairy Queen where she once worked. "I moved here to go to school, to sing in a band, and I had to pay my own bills," she says.

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