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Oprah Winfrey Show brings a little girl in dog’s cage

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In the episode of Oprah Winfrey Show, on Wednesday, September 14, 8.00 pm, on BIG CBS LOVE, Oprah presents a touching case of a little girl who lived in squalor, starved for food and affection.

What happens to a child who grows up with virtually no parenting, love, affection or human touch? "Nearly everything we learn about being human—how to speak, how to walk, everything—comes from the people who raise us." Oprah says, "Today, we're going to look at what happens when nobody does."

In the summer of 2008, The St. Petersburg Times broke a story of extreme child neglect that caused public outcry across the state of Florida and beyond. The story centered on a little girl named Danielle ... a child, no one knew existed.

Neighbours had never seen Danielle in a house on their street but one day, a neighbor told authorities that she saw a little girl lift a dirty blanket and peer out of a broken window. The officers found Danielle in one of the bedrooms. The only thing she was wearing was a diaper, which had been soiled for quite sometime, and she weighed nothing…

Since she was only 7 years old when she was rescued, authorities never released the name of the girl in the cage. Today, she is 21 years old and goes by the name of Chelsea. For the past year, Chelsea has been trying to understand her painful past.

In this episode of Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah talks to the child, trapped in a dog"s cage & rescued years ago… At 21, Chelsea, that"s her name today, says she has blocked out many of the painful memories, but she does remember physically being in the cage.

Don"t miss the poignant episode on Wednesday, September 14, at 8.00 pm only on Oprah Winfrey Show, only on Big CBS Love.

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