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      Top 5 single dedicated moms in Hollywood

      By Sampurn Wire

      Hollywood boasts of some of the most sensational beauties that have rocked the world of cinema and have been ruling the roost not only in terms of their hot looks but also for their sheer dedication and hard work and looking after their families with sheer dedication. There are many Hollywood beauties that have worked hard both off and on screen and have managed their lives amazingly well.

      However, those who take the cake are the single moms who have to face the challenges of bringing up their kids in the right perspective and handle both career and their personal life with utmost perfection. So which are the names that pop up while speaking of great looking single moms in Hollywood? Let"s take a look-

      Well, perhaps Britney Spears is one name that pops up while speaking of single moms. Britney separated from her former husband Kevin Federline. She had to fight to get custody of her two sons Sean Preston and James and has emerged the winner. The pop diva has also got her career right back into tip top shape.

      Sandra Bullock, the classic beauty had adapted a son and named him Louis Bardot, after Loius Armstrong in January last year. However she had only disclosed this secret after the news about her break up with her husband Jesse James was made public.

      Yet another name that spells class and panache is Madonna"s. This gorgeous beauty separated from her husband and has the custody of four lovely kids. She manages to look a stunner despite having to handle the pressure of that many kids single handedly.

      Reese Whitherspoon is a great actress and is blessed with beautiful kids. However she divorced her husband Ryan Phillipe and has single handedly managed to look after her kids and her career with utmost perfection.

      Halle Berry is quite a name to reckon with when it comes to beauty with brains. This sexy star has managed to keep a great balance between her personal and professional life with great sustenance and determination. Her split up with her husband has not in any way let her go off her duties as a mom to her two year old daughter Nahla. Halle graciously accepted sharing the custody of her daughter with her hubby as she wanted her daughter to have everything in life.

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