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Dark Knight Rises reviews: Indian critics give it thumbs up

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Director Christopher Nolan's last movie in The Dark Knight series, The Dark Knight Rises, starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy in leads, has received superb reviews from the Indian film critics, who call it a weighty and substantive film that is a fitting finale for The Dark Knight. The lead actors' performances and action sequences are the highlights of the movie, which has been rated an average of 3.7 out of 5. Continue to read film critics' verdict.

The Times of India - Renuka Vyavahare's Review: TDKR is driven by emotions followed by action. There is plenty of sleek Batman action with the flying, futuristic Batmobile etc, but what engages you the most are the emotional scenes.

Mid-Day - Mihir Fadnavis' Review: The Dark Knight Rises is also not just a movie, it's a moviemaking miracle and a buffet of eyeball orgasms - one that contains enough visceral thrills and proof of Chris Nolan rising as the superhero of the movie industry

Rediff - Raja Sen's Review: The Dark Knight Rises flirts with potentially fantastic ideas, but shies away from taking them to the next level. Despite taking himself -- and his version of the character -- far, far too gravely, Christopher Nolan gives us a sloppy double-decked hamburger of a film, with too much meat to fit one burger right, but a treat without question for those already in love with the Batman. A meal, then, for the cinematic 99%.

NDTV - Manohla Dargis' Review: The action interludes are more visually coherent than in his previous Batman films and, as in Inception, the controlled fragmentation works on a pleasurable, purely cinematic level. But it also serves Mr Nolan's larger meaning in The Dark Knight Rises and becomes his final say on superheroes and their uses because, as Gotham rages and all seems lost, the action shifts from a lone figure to a group, and hope springs not from one but many.

Hindustan Times - Rashid Irani's Review: The third and reportedly final part in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise offers what one has come to expect from the revamped series: A full-on pop-culture spectacle, awe-inspiring set pieces and loads of techno razzle-dazzle. Even so, we are ultimately left with the feeling that The Dark Knight Rises falls short of its potential.

DNA - Daniel Pinto's Review: The Dark Knight Rises is a film that not only raises the Dark Knight but also the stakes, placing everything the already-broken hero holds dear in a juggernaut of a villain's crosshairs. Bleaker and bigger, it was well worth the wait.

CNN IBN - Rajeev Masand's Review: Although the film's multiple storylines do get tangled up at times, and despite some messy plot holes, it's unfair not to credit Nolan with once again giving us a blockbuster with smarts. The Dark Knight Rises is a satisfying, accomplished film packed with little twists and surprising cameos. It's a respectable finale to a much-loved trilogy.

India Today - Vinayak Chakravorty's Review: This is no teenybopper superhero flick. But, apocalyptic as the tone is, the film is far from boring. Spectacular action propped by the right dose of drama keeps coming in, and a runtime of 164 minutes a€” huge by Hollywood standards a€” doesn't seem too long.

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