Emma Watson Gushes On Working With Darren In Noah


    Darren Aronofsky's much awaited film Noah, releasing next week, tells the story of Noah and his Ark. It is an epic story that showcases courage, hope and faith. Actress Emma Watson has all praise for the director's incredible working this Hollywood movie.

    In the movie Noah, the Ark forms the core of the movie. Special attention was given to the formation of the Ark. Talking about the creation of the Ark, Director Darren Aronofsky said, "It basically describes a box. It wasn't like Noah was trying to take the ship anywhere. It just, basically, has to survive the flood."

    Russell Crowe, who portrays Noah in the film, looks completely in awe of the massive structure. He speaks about how such things are seen in pictures, but to see it right there, is an experience in itself.

    Emma Watson, who plays the role of Noah's daughter in film, says, "I am very fortunate to have worked on films with big budgets and amazing sets, but I still think that what Darren has pulled off is quite incredible and it feels very once in a lifetime, that I'll stand on a whole, physical Ark."

    The film consists of a stellar cast, comprising of Academy Award winners, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly as Noah and his wife, Naameh, respectively. It also features Oscar award winner Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson who starred in the Harry Potter saga. The film features Noah, who has visions about a flood and takes measures to protect his family. In a world ravaged by sin, Noah is given a task, to build an Ark to save the animals from the devastating flood.

    Presented by Paramount Pictures, the film is scheduled for release on the 28th of March. The film will be released by Viacom18 Motion Pictures in India.

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