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6 Pictures That Show Kylie's Transformation In Half A Decade

Posted By: Chaitra
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Celebrities aren't new to the realm of plastic surgeries. But the Kardashians, it seems like the entire family just loves going under the knife. From mother Kris Jenner to Father Bruce (now Caitlyn Jenner). The one who stands out among everyone is Kylie Jenner!

The youngest of the Kardashians, 18 years old Kylie Jenner has changed drastically over the years. She might lie, her family might, too. But, the internet and photos don't. Maybe the Kardashians forgot that everything they do or say, the world knows.

The elder Kardashian girls, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney seem to be getting younger by the day, while our dear Kylie looks like Kendall's mother at just 18?? We sure learned one good lesson from the Kardshians, which is, Never go under the knife!

We are sure every Kardashian fan would have noticed how she's got curvier and face looks more sculpted over the years. They have literally exposed every possible part of their body to the camera and to the plastic world. From lips to the hips.

It's hard to stop talking about these ladies' pretty looks because, they keep changing. Kourtney seems like the only one who's stayed out of this. Today, we are going to show you the transformation, or rather lifts and fillings Kylie Jenner has been subject to:

Kylie in 2010

She looked as innocent as any other 13-year-old. With make up from outside and a natural smile. The body proportion looks usual.

Kylie in 2011

Her body looks less broad. It doesn't mean she got a liposuction! Kylie looks like she shed a few pounds naturally.

Kylie in 2012

The smile still intact and pretty. Freckles seem to have vanished. Body looks a tad bit more curvy.
Maybe it's the changes body undergoes during puberty, you know!

Kylie in 2013

Yup! The smile's gone. Looks much older to her age. Eyebrows more well defined and nose much sharper. Definitely doesn't look like she's trying to imitate Kim!

Kylie 2014

Whoa! So this is a huge difference. Face looks so sculpted. Nose looks way sharper and eyebrows more lifted. And oh, the lips! When her lips filling turned into a fad among the teenagers.

Kylie in 2015 and going on..

And we present to you, Kylie's 2015 look! She looks as curvy as pregnant Kim. If you're wondering how, then just say, miracles happen. Because Kylie denies time and again that she's never been under the knife!

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