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8 Highly Educated Hollywood Actors Who Are Beauty With Brains

Written By: Chaitra
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It's a stereotype among the movie industries' that actors need no education, or rather, they have acquired no educational degrees. But, little did we know about these actors who are way more than just pretty faces or athletically built red heads with apple bottoms.

The industry has many well educated actors and actresses who are qualified enough to be doctors, scientists and professional psychiatrists. We wouldn't disagree to agree that looks do matter in the industry. Yes, it definitely does.

We recently took you through a list of actresses that are over 40 and yet so desirable. But some actresses are more than that, too. They have proved that, it's all about the brains by holding multiple degrees and being successful in acting.

These actors have earned their degrees from some of the most prestigious universities around the globe. Some actors, like Natalie Portman have mastered the art of speaking multiple languages. Actors like Sacha Baron Cohen, have managed to dictate the educational world, too.

Below we have put together a few super talented and extremely well educated actors in Hollywood. Get ready to go on an educational ride!

Natalie Portman

The Academy Award-winning, 'Black Swan' actress, Natalie Portman is an alumna of Harvard University. She obtained her B.A in Psychology. The actress can speak Hebrew and Japanese fluently.

Hugh Jackman

The 47 years old 'X-Men' actor, Hugh Jackman is by education, a journalist. Jackman holds B.A in Communications from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood.

Mayim Bialik

Famously known for her role 'Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler' on 'Big Bang Theory', Mayim Bialilk is a doctor in real life, too. She holds PhD in Nneuroscience. The actress was accepted by Yale and Harvard, too!

Sacha Baron Cohen

The 'Borat' actor, Sacha Baronis an alumnus of Cambridge University. The 'Dictator' actor pursued History in his graduation and then entered into the movies and acting.

Ken Jeong

South Korean-American actor and comedian, Ken Jeong, known for his role in the 'Hangover' series was a Physician in real life. He attended Duke University for his under graduations.

Rowan Atkinson

The very famous 'Mr. Bean', Rowan Atkinson holds the degree of MSc in Electrical Engineering from Oxford! He's acted in many movies besides the Bean series.

Jodie Foster

The Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Jodie Foster is an alumna of Yale University. She earned her honors in Doctor Of Fine Arts. Jodie has directed shows like, OITNB and House of Cards.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is an English actor and producer who has acted in blockbusters like, 'Bridget Jone's Diary' and 'Two Weeks' Notice' . The actor is an alumnus of Oxford University.

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