Allison Janney Admits She Hooked Up With A Co-Star


    Ellen DeGeneres has started a fun game with her celebrity guests who come on her TV show. Ellen has made many stars open up their secrets in a fun filled 'Never Have I Ever' game.

    This week, Allison Janney was a guest on The Ellen Show where she got candid about her personal life during this game.

    It is not hidden that Ellen asks some tricky questions related to personal rather sex life of the celebrity. Interestingly, Ellen too reveals as a participant in the game.

    While playing 'Never Have I Ever' with Allison Janney, Ellen asked one question which left us blank. The host started the game with a simple question on kissing a dog, but then shifted to hooking up with a co-star. And guess what, both Ellen and Allison took few seconds to think and then raised the 'I Have' paddle.

    Allison Janney Admits She Hooked Up With A Co-Star

    Allison Janney and James Corden recently had a very friendly rather passionate kiss on stage at the Critics' Choice Television Awards on Sunday which raised many eyebrows.

    Coming back to The Ellen Show, the host asked "Never have I ever hooked up with a co-star?" and both the host and the 'Mom' star said "I Have". Playing it cool, they did not reveal who it was and went ahead with Ellen saying, "I had to think about it" with Allison agreeing, "I had too!"

    Allison Janney Admits She Hooked Up With A Co-Star

    Later the host got candid and asked, "Never have I ever been in handcuff." And guess what, hesitant Allison showed, "I Have."However the 55-year-old American actress tried to describe saying, "There were a lot of situations that called for handcuff."

    Allison Janney Admits She Hooked Up With A Co-Star

    Unfortunately, Allison admitted that she has not yet become a member of the Mile High Club!

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