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American Pie Movie (1999): 10 Fun Facts That'll Crack You Up

Written By: Chaitra
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Can you believe it's been 16 years since the original American Pie movie was made? Though the sequels to the movie were made, nothing can beat the original movie. We have a few fun facts about the movie that'll leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

The 1999 American Pie movie was one of its kind. Hollywood hadn't witnessed a movie entirely based on the sexual orientations of school going teenage children. Every teenager could easily relate to every scene of the movie and socould their parents.

The movie was drafted by the screenwriter Adam Herz, who apparently spent days watching other teenage sexual orientations based movies before he penned American Pie. The movie is a fun trip through the teenage stories of the characters.

The comedy piece has clearly shown how teenagers easily get influenced by their peer groups. And as they go through the hormonal changes, they want to experiment many things to understand their own sexuality.

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The movie has used some strange objects to depict it. You know, the movie starts off with Jasson Biggs pleasuring himself with an actual pie. The opening scene is absolutely hilarious and you just can't stop laughing from the very start of the movie.

The 'How I Met Your Mother' actress who plays the role of Michelle on American Pie was so into the character that she continued speaking like the character even after the movie was done with filming. She would add a question tone to every statement she spoke!

While you sit there and wonder what could we possibly have for you that you didn't know about the movie, below are the fun facts to answer your question. Get ready for a delicious pie filled and hilarious ride through the American Pie movie fun facts:

The Epic Apple Pie!

The apple pie in the first scene of the movie to which Jason Biggs character is seen jerking off was bought from a Costco in Long Beach, California. The Pie is too famous now.

Alyson Ad-Libbed During Sex Scene

Alyson Hannigan was so into her character during the initiate scene with Jason Biggs that she ad-libbed the lines, "What's my name? Say my name! Say my name, b****!"

The term famous MILF!

The slang MILF( Mother I Would Like To F***) existed even prior to the release of American pie. Its existence dates back to 1995, but gained popularity only through the movie.

Jim's Excited Look

Ever wondered what was used to show an erection in Jim's pants in the scene? It was cooked sausage attached to a pencil placed between his legs!

Original Title Of The Movie

Not sure what to name the movie as, writer Herz titled the movie draft as "Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Most Readers Will Probably Hate But I Think You Will Love."

Jason Really Did The Sex Scenes

Jason Biggs' body double who was supposed to do the sex scenes was fired as he came to shoot with a big scar on his stomach. Jason later, this the scene himself.

The Human Urine Beer

The beer that Scott drinks in his scene, which is shown to have human urine was actually egg white.

Universal Studios Called It “Moronic”

Universal Studios called the movie "Moronic" and sold the foreign rights as they weren't sure if the movie would even earn what had been invested in the making.

Sean William's Salary

Sean William was paid only $8000 for the original American Pie. But was paid same as Jim by the time American Reunion was made, which was about $5 Million.

The Adult Scene That Was Cut

If you feel Jim's romance with the Apple pie was a bit too much to handle, then thank Herz. A sex scene involving Jim's brother walking in into was removed from the script.

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