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Bradley Cooper's 8 Best Movies You Must Watch!

Written By: Chaitra
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Bradley Cooper, the Hollywood actor who holds the looks of Greek Gods and brilliant acting skills, was also ranked to be the sexiest man alive in 2011. Some of his movies are so good that you can't help but watch them!

He's been involved in the showbiz world since a very young age. Bradley was motivated to be an actor by his father and always dreamed of earning the stardom from a young age. He studied acting from a Drama school and worked as a doorman in hotels while studying.

Bradley as a person is very interesting and one of the most down to earth actors. He has always prioritized his family before anything, including his stardom! One of the most tragic incidents of his life was when he lost his father in 2011.

He is an actor who openly admits that he doesn't really care about winning Oscars for his role in movies. He says Oscars isn't going to fill the gap in his life or changing anything at all. He treats acting as a form of art than a job.

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When it comes to his determination, the actor not only displays it in his movies and acting, but also in real life. He gave up alcohol at the age of 29. He used to chew tobacco earlier. He decided to give it up, too and chose to chew toothpicks as a substitute!

Cooper holds good relationship with most of his fellow actors and friends from the industry. Jim Carey and Ken Jeong, his co-actor from Hangover movies are his best friends. And, the actor dated a couple actresses and also married one for 4 months.

Actresses have literally expressed their wish to act with Bradley Cooper at least once! Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley's co-actor from 'American Hustle' once said how she would brush her teeth and pop a mint only if she's kissing Bradley Cooper.

To know what an amazing actor Bradley Cooper is, you need to watch his movies that we have listed below:

Hangover Series

Bradley claims to be one of the most non-comical person, but his comedy movie Hangover is a must watch if you want to hurt your stomach by laughing way too much!

Silver Lining Playbook

One of the most appreciated roles ever played by Bradley was in the movie 'Silver Lining Playbook'. He plays the role of a primary school teacher who is mentally disturbed.

American Hustle

If you are into dramas and want to imagine Bradley Cooper act in the movies from the 80s, then 'American Hustle' is a must watch for you!

Wedding Crashers

'Wedding Crashers' was one of Cooper's earliest movies. Though he's given up all kinds of substances to lead a healthy life real, he played just the opposite in the movie.

The A-Team

Another movie that showcases Bradley being the sexy man he is, is 'The A-Team'. He plays the role of an Iraq war veteran with other three co-actors who are trying to clear their names in the US military.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Not only has Bradley Cooper appeared on-screen in his movies. The 2014 sci-fi 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' has a character that's been voiced by Bradley Cooper.

American Sniper

'American Sniper' is another movie of Bradley's where he plays the role of a warrior on the battle field.
The actor had to gain weight around the muscles and puff up for this movie.

He's Just Not That Into You

'He's Just Not That Into You' is a 2009 American romantic drama piece that stars many multiple actors. Bradley is one actor you need to look for while watching this movie.

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