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Did You Know About These Non-American Hollywood Actors?

Written By: Chaitra
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Everything huge with regard to media happens in the United States. There is no dearth of talents in America. But, not everybody ruling the media industry in the US belongs from there or any other American countries. Here's a list of non-American actors of Hollywood who you didn't know about.

To be associated with some of the top movies in the world needs immense amount of talent. Though, an artist can have many skills, communication skills is very important, especially in the movies. But these actors from non-English countries have been extremely successful in Hollywood, too.

Actors like Jackie Chan don't originally belong from America. He is a Chinese actor who stared his career through his native language movies and in the later stages, moved to the Hollywood. This is a different case of Non-American actors in American movies.

Whao! Selena's most bold work till date!

We all know how closely Canadians are associated with Americans. Though they belong to two different countries, their cultures and practices aren't drastically different from one another. So are the media industries of these two nations.

Many celebrities in Hollywood are from Canada. The 21 years old 'Mistletoe' actor, Justin Bieber is originally from Canada. He started off his career through Youtube videos before he entered Hollywood. You would be surprised to know who the other actor from Canada is.

Actor Ryan Gosling is from Canada. Not only is he an actor, but he's a singer and musician, too. This extremely talented and stunningly good looking man alone would be enough to settle all the differences between the people of Canada and America!

Did you know Andrew Garfield holds a dual citizenship? Though he was born in America, he grew up in the beautiful city Surrey in the United Kingdom. So he is partly American and partly English. Let's look these Hollywood celebrities who are non-American, too:

Penelope Cruz

The 41 years old 'Vanilla Sky' is originally from Spain. Penelope Cruz made her TV debut at the age of 16.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes belongs to the Cuban descent. She had considered becoming a Roman Catholic nun before entering the movies.

Rachel McAdams

Juts like ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams is from Canada,too.

Mila Kunis

The 'Black Swan' actress and mother of a child with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis is from Ukraine.

Natalie Portman

The other other 'Black Swan' actress is non-American, too. Natalie Portman is from Jerusalem.

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine wouldn't been the same without the actor Hugh Jackman, who was born and brought up in Australia.

Sofia Vergara

The modern family actress Sofia Vergara is from Columbia. It is quite obvious from her accent. She always plays the role of a Colombian.

Hugh Laurie

One of the most talented actors, known for his role in the show 'House MD', Hugh Laurie was born in Oxford.

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