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Extremely Finicky & Demanding Hollywood Musicians!

Written By: Chaitra
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Though, some of the celebrities were homeless before they rose to fame, the money and stardom have made them very demanding. They are so fussy about things that it could get annoying at some point. Today, we shall look at extremely finicky and demanding Hollywood musicians.

The lives of musicians in Hollywood are way more fancier than the actors. It is true that many actors starred in famous movies were underpaid. But, the musicians have always earned what they deserve or even more comparatively.

For instance, Kanye West, the American rapper is very particular about the kind of towel provided to him during the concerts or in his room. It has to "imported and recut" Versace towels. Really? How does the brand matter while wiping off the sweat?

Some musicians have eccentric demands, such as the ex-Beatles singer Paul McCartney likes to feel like he's in a jungle. Hence, he asks for four six-foot-tall regular plants and 19 leafy green plants of the same length!

Seems like the members of 'Coldplay' are the least demanding of all. While they are in other cities on their tour, all they request is postcards of the city they are playing in. And what they do with it extremely adorable. They send them to their children.

The 'Hello' singer Adele rather demands to help others. Besides her share of cigarettes, beer and tomato-free sandwiches, she asks for a little contribution from other celebrities for the stillbirth charity 'Sands'. For every free ticket to her show, a minimum donation of $20.

Nicki Minaj's demands are very simple. All she asks is for chicken wings, scented candles, and cheese platters. But, below are the other kind of musicians who are just too much to handle. Read below to know more about the finicky and demanding musicians:

Mariah Carey

She is one of the most demanding singers. Mariah demands an assistant to just dispose her used chewing gum! Oh, she also asks for 20 white kittens.


Madonna needs new toilet seat at every venue she visits and a total of 20 international phone lines!


Eminem has a very unique demand just like his personality. He demands a Koi fish pond in his dressing room.

Jennifer Lopez

Though, JLo comes across as a very down to earth personality, she is particular about her hotel room, which has to be 25.5 degrees, all white and with exactly two oscillating fans.

Britney Spears

A huge photo frame of Princess Diana was put up on the wall of the hotel room on the demand of the teen queen during her London Tour. She also said that she would fine $5,500 if the phone rang even once.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake wants all the doorknobs in the venue he's playing to be disinfected once in every two hours while he's performing on the stage.


Rihanna's room must contain leather free couch and animal printed only. It needs to bug enough for her to stretch.

Lady Gaga

This quirky beauty demands 56 bottles of water. 28 cold and 28 in room temperature. Also, a mannequin with a fluffy pink pubic hair!

Queen Latifah

You would be surprised to hear what Queen Latifah's demands are. She always needs 12 buckets of KFC and 12 packs of condoms!

Christina Aguilera

When Christina Aguilera was one of the judges on the show 'The Voice', she had a foot masseur for every break she took.

Ariana Grande

This pint sized pop star demands to be photographed from her left side only. There are vey few right shots of Ariana.

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