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15 Adorable Pictures Of North West That'll Leave You Awestruck!

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North West, the 2 years old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seems to be beating her mother in the showbiz world. She's gaining popularity by the day. We have adorable pictures of North West that are just too cute to ignore!

Unlike other babies, North West was born with Platinum Spoon in the mouth. She gained enormous popularity even before she was born. The paparazzi went gaga over he when she was still growing in her mother Kim Kardashian's womb.

You maybe wondering why there's so much importance to North West. We agree with you on that. Maybe we could have refrained from talking so much about her if only she weren't adorable! She tells the Paparazzi, "No pictures, please" like an elegant lady at such a young age.

Those cute little things she does just makes it harder for us to dislike her for belonging to the most overrated Kardashian family. She likes playing peekaboo with the paparazzi who are hated for making the celebrities' life hell.

Such are little North's acts. As Kim is preparing herself to welcome North's baby brother, the elder sister is just too exited apparently. Kim said that North asked her if she could kiss the baby and kissed Kim's stomach.

Not only is she close to her mother and father, but also her cousins and aunts. Recently she was at a bookstore promoting her favorite aunt Khloe Kardashian's book. She calls Khloe 'Koko Loco' with love and is always up to have fun with aunty favorite.

North West was featured on international magazine spread like 'Vogue' when she could even hardly walk. This star kid loves ballerina with cousin sister Penelope,some beach time with mommy Kim, and a ride to Disney Land with granny Kris Jenner.

Below are 15 adorable pictures of little North West that will just make you love her even more:

You Got A Problem,Homie?

North Looks like she's all worked up after her Ballerina classes and is waiting to ask the paparazzi what their problem is. What a cutie!

The Furry Skunk Look

North and cousin Penelope look absolutely fancy in their furry skunk costume. It definitely seems like the sisters are planning something together.

Beach Time

Ever seen baby swim suit super models? Here! Look! North looks all set to walk the runway and make the Victoria's Secret angels shy away.

Nap Time With Daddy

This picture gained a lot of popularity. North is just a few months old. Dressed just like the father, she seems to be resting in his arms.

No Pictures Please!

This one time when North was walking back from her Ballerina classes with a family friend, the paparazzi as usual started taking her pictures. North looks at her guardian and says,"I said no pictures, please".

Family Time

One of the times when North appeared officially before the cameras with both her parents. These pictures clearly show how she's just learning to walk.

Umm...Fur Or No Fur?

The little West is known for her fashion sense just like mommy and daddy. In the pictures, she doesn't seem to happy to be wearing the fur, though. Way to go, North!

Umm...Fur Or No Fur?

The little West is known for her fashion sense just like mommy and daddy. In the pictures, she doesn't seem to happy to be wearing the fur, though. Way to go, North!

The Grumpy Cat Face

The 2 year old could beat anybody in making faces. She looks absolutely adorable even when she's grumpy about being taken to someplace she doesn't like.

Okay! I Don't Like Injections!

Even the celebrity children fear the idea of visiting a doctor. North seems to trying to tell her mother through her expressions that she doesn't want a needle shot.

Selfie With Mommy

Kardashian girls are known to be selfie queens. The little ones are no less. North poses just like her mother while taking selfies with her.

Yes! Mommy, I can Walk

The first step of every child is considered to be very special and memorable. North is still getting a hold on walking by herself and carefully scans the floor before placing her foot.

I Like This Fur

She definitely looks pleased with this attire. Maybe black is North's favorite color. She looks very happy to wear black.

Cousin Sister Time

She and Penelope are very close to each other. They are always busy communicating in their baby language and posing for pictures.

Tantrum Time!

North West was believed to be very moody as a baby. She would throw temper tantrum at mommy anywhere and everywhere. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Jay Z have witnessed it.

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