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'Fifty Shades of Grey' New Kinky Scenes To Make Your Day!

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The wait is too long for the erotic movie, Fifty Shades of Grey to release. Thus, we are getting new scenes and glimpses from the movie through the new TV spots and clip which are releasing everyday.

After the scene from the Clayton's hardware store and the conversation between Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) there was dropped a day before, a new clip showing some kinky sex scenes has been dropped by Universal Pictures France.

The new clip shows stills from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. However, we get to see some more new stills from the upcoming erotic movie which will release on Valentine's Day.

Thew new clip from Fifty Shades of Grey shows Mr. Grey and Anastasia get more closer and share some intimate scenes. Although the dialogues are from the official trailer, we have some kinky scenes and some stills from the so-called Red Room of Pain or Pleasure.


The new TV spot shows the two discussing on why he doesn't let her touch him. Yes it is that moment when Ana sees Christian naked and always get the urge to feel his bare chest. However, he never allows anyone to touch him.

Some stills from the Red Room shows Mr. Grey removing his tie, tying Anastasia with the silk grey tie and more have also been shown to build up the anticipation.

After seeing some romance and sex scenes, the clip ends with Christian Grey welcoming Anastasia Steele 'into his world'. Check out the new scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey which will make your day!

Biting That Lip!

Finally a clear scene showing Anastasia Steele biting her lower lip has been shown that too in close up! We know what effect her lip biting has on Mr. Grey.

Nothing Much To Know About Me!

This is what Anastasia Steele replies to Christian Grey when he tells her, "I want to know more about you." The scene changes to Anastasia in her college.

Mr. Grey

Yes, here comes the CEO of Grey Enterprises from the interview scene where he tells that his 'taste is very singular.'

Red Room

One of the scenes shows Christian Grey removing his grey tie inside the red room.

Why Won't You Let Me Touch You?

A new scene from the movie has been shown where the couple lie naked on the bed while Ana asks him, "Why Won't You Let Me Touch You?" She tries to touch him but he removes her hand.

From Soft To Control Freak

This is one of the dark expressions of Christian Grey aka Jamie Dornan from the upcoming erotic movie.

Playing Dominant

Christian Grey plays a billionaire young businessman who is a dominant in the movie.

The Grey Tie

Here comes the Grey tie of Mr. Grey which he uses to tie her wrists.

Some More..

The TV spot shows a lot of intimacy which will make all the Grey fans play the video repeatedly and enjoy their wait for sometime.

Welcome To My World

In most of the teasers and clips, we have seen Christian Grey pulling out a hand. Now that scene has been shown when he offers Anastasia a hand on her visit to his house and tells her, 'Welcome To My World'.

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