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Gigi Hadid's Instagram Pictures That Prove Kendall's Her Main Chick!

Written By: Chaitra
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Gigi Hadid, the 20 years old Victoria's Secret model and Kendall Jenner, the 21 years old 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star are the most happening gal pals of Hollywood. We have a few of Gigi's Instagram picture with Kendall Jenner that prove they are besties.

The two hot super models are most of the times spotted with each other. They are either attending an event or just roaming about on the streets of New York with other friends. These two have totally defined the modern age friendship.

Gigi is not only close to her best friend Kendall Jenner, but holds a very close relationship with the Kardashian family, too. She is also seen walking on the red carpet holding hands with Kylie Jenner and sporting a pajama while sipping hot chocolate at Kim's baby shower.

Not only do they hang out casually, but they set environment on fire while working together, too. Recently, both Kendall and Gigi walked the Victoria's Secret fashion show for the first time together, too. What's better than dancing with your best friend on stage?

Gigi was there for Kendall when she graduated from school land Kendall provided Gigi a shoulder to lean on when she was going through a rough patch in life. They don't mind spending hours just chatting and whiling time away like any other best girl friends.

One of the ways the present generation uses to display any form of love is social networking sites. These play all the more important role in the lives of Hollywood celebrities. That's how our favorite gal pals Gigi and Kendall show the world their beautiful friendship.

From Balmain launch to bathroom selfies, we have the pictures from Gigi's Instagram that'll show you how its possible for celebrities to remain best friends, too. Here are the most adorable pictures of Gigi and Kendall from former's Instagram.

Holiday In The Middle East

Kendall and Gigi even holiday together. And in this picture, they both seem to having a great time in the Middle East, looking beautiful in the traditional scarfs.

Cheering Their Buddy At The Grand Prix

Both the models were present at the Gran Prix to cheer their buddy Lewis Hamilton. They managed to take a cute pouting selfie amidst the race.

When They Walked The Ramp Together

Gigi was so happy to have gotten the opportunity to walk for Victoria's Secret with her best friend, she posted, "No one I would have rather shared my VS v-card with"

It's Gossip Time

How can there be no gossip when two women become friends? Yup, look like Gigi and Kendall are laughing hard on some gossip.

Beauty Tips

Models are known to have more fun in the make up room and backstage than on the ramp. Here you can see these two pretty ladies sharing beauty tips.

When They Took To Streets

Just like any other group of youngster, Kenny and Gigi have guy friends, too. And these friends like roaming on the streets and taking badass selfies. Gigi called it her "Summer Squad".

Partners In Crime

While there are tons of paparazzi waiting outside to capture these two girls, they managed to take a wacky picture inside the room. This was during the New York Fashion Week.

Graduation Surprise

Being the sweetest friend one could ever have, Gigi threw a surprise graduation party for her main chick Kendall Jenner. Kim is also seen with the girls carrying a mustache.

Red Carpet With Baby Sister

Celebrities walk the Red Carpet, but Gigi and Kendall prefer sitting on it with their legs stretched while Gigi's baby sister Bella Hadid takes a picture.

On The Vogue Together

Kendall and Gigi were featured together on Teen Vogue. When Gigi was doing another shoot with Vogue without Kendall, she posted this picture and captioned it as, "April's American Vogue ❤Missing you kenny"

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