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Hollywood Actresses With Their Adorable Pets

Posted By: Chaitra
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The actresses in Hollywood aren't just stunningly good looking or extremely talented. They are also the beautiful owners of their lovely pets. They walk them, they flaunt them and take pooch selfies with them.

There is a varied category of pets owned by our Hollywood beauties. Some have adopted monkeys while some carry their cute piglets around. Basically, there's no dearth of pets in the actresses' lives.

What do you think happens when the pet owner becomes a superstar? Their pets become super famous! Some have chosen pets over the husbands andclaimed pets over assets during divorces. While some actresses like Jennifer Aniston have their pet's name tattooed on their bodies. Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey take their pets on stage while performing or attend reality shows with their pets clutched in their arms.

Jennifer Lawrence, rather chose to fly her pup Pipi along, to Los Angeles! Many of the celebrities have turned vegetarian or vegan in support of PETA and kindness towards animals. Miley Cyrus, Ellen Degeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande, Natalie Portman are a few to name.

Some celebrities have mourned the loss of their pets on the social networking sites, and some have used it as platform to express their excitement about welcoming a new member to their family. Pet lovers like Miley even post pictures of their pets getting manicures and pedicures.

Below we have chosen a list the Hollywood divas with their famous pets, that's going to take you on a furry world tour.

Miley Cyrus And Her Piggy Bubba Sue

Miley adopted her pet piglet in August 2014 just before the VMAs. Bubba's grown massive in the past year. Miley's fans were taken aback when she posted pictures of the piggy getting her nails painted. Bubba was also spotted at Miley's recent party, with the Flaming Lios singer.

Anne Hathaway With Esmeralda And Edward

Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman are mostly spotted walking their pets Esmeralda and puppy Edward when they aren't working. Esmeralda is an old member of the family, whereas Edward is a pup who was recently adopted by the couple.

Jennifer Lawrence With Her Pup Pipi

Jennifer arrived at Los Angeles with her pet pup Pipi in hand. She prefers taking Pipa along everywhere and takes long walks with her. Since she's been hanging out with Amy Schumer, the duo walk Pipa together. Apparently, JLaw bought her BFF a French Bulldog that cost 4500$.

Selena Gomez With Her Baylor

Selena Gomez is known for adopting rescued dogs. She has six of them and says she would continue to adopt more. According to the reports, Selena likes Baylor the most. She is mostly spotted with Baylor. Justin Beiber and Selena adopted Baylor together.

Khloe Kardashian With Her Boxer B-Hop

Khloe' s ex-husband Lamar gifted her a boxer pup for her 34th birthday. The couple named him Bernard Hopkins. B-Hop was seens lot on-screen during the filming of KUWTK and was famous on Instagram. But there isn't much news regarding the boxer, after the duo split up.

Jennifer Aniston With Dolly And Norman

Jennifer walks her pets Dolly and Norman on the beach. JenniferAniston says she's always loved pets, especially German Shepherds. When she was young she dreamed of having a German Shepherd as her pet. When Norman passed away, she got a tattoo of his name on her foot.

Mariah Carey With One Of Her 3 Dogs

Yup! Mariah Carey has named her pet dogs as Mutley P. Gore Jackson the 3rd and Pipitty L. Jackson. She loves her pets more than anyone! When she filed for a divorce, the only main issue spoken about was the dogs. She fought for the custody of her dogs and even carried them to the courtroom.

Paris Hilton's Pup Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell, who is a Chihuahua is known worldwide as the handbag dog. When Tinkerbell passed away, Paris took to Instagram to announce the devastating news and said,"I feel like I've lost a member of my family. She was such a special & incredible soul."

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