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Hollywood Celebrities In The Most Controversial Ad Campaigns!

Written By: Chaitra
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There are a zillion ways to get involved in controversies, and Hollywood isn't new to controversies. Sometimes, celebrities get into controversies unknowingly. We, here have Hollywood celebrities who were featured in the most controversial ad campaigns of all time.

Most of the times, it's the female celebrities who get into trouble by being a part of the controversial advertisements. The reason behind this being the high level objectification of women. But it is surprising as to how the celebrities agree to be a part of it.

One such example is the recent feature of Kylie Jenner in the 'Interview' magazine. The 18 years old teenage girl is represented as a sex doll. She's nearly bare in most of the pictures and has been depicted as a toy in the man's hands.

No doubt, the media industry, especially Hollywood is making majority of it profit through such controversial advertisements and movies. Some advertisements could get into controversies even though they have good intentions behind their themes.

PETA is one such organization that is known for the most controversial ad campaigns. And surprisingly, many of the Hollywood celebrities have been part of its ads. The "Better Naked Than Fur" featured many celebrities naked.

But, the message they were promoting through these ads was for a good cause, unlike Kylie's sex doll themed shoot with the 'Interview' magazine! So there are three kinds of ads in Hollywood. Controversial for a reason, controversial for no reason and neutral.

Today we are going to show you the ad campaigns that got into controversies for several reasons. We are also concentrating on Hollywood celebrities who were a part of such most controversial ad campaigns. So below is the list of these Hollywood Celebrities:

Paris Hilton

The ad by Carl's Jr to promote their Spicy BBQ Burger featuring Paris Hilton had to be pulled down as she was shown holding the burger and washing cars clad in very little clothe. The ad was considered too sexual.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher's featured ad campaign by Popchips was highly criticized by the Indian Americans as they felt it was extremely racist.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's body was virtually dissected in parts for one of the ad campaigns by PETA. It read, "Go Vegetarian". The ad was subject to controversy due to its graphic representation.

Tiger Woods

Nike made an ad using Tiger Woods around the time in 2010 when he was caught having affairs outside his marriage. The tagline as shown in the picture was believed to deliver a wrong message due to Tiger Wood's reputation.

Taylor Swift

The picture of Taylor Swift chosen by the 'Covergirl' magazine for their ad campaigns was considered to be highly edited and polished. The ad was banned in U.K.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama and many other political figured were kissing each other in pairs in one of the ads by United Colors of Benetton. This ad was supposed to promote unity and peace in world. But the ad became very controversial and had to be banned.


Beyonce was featured in one of the ads by the perfume line 'Heat'. The video had the singer moving around in a very seductive way. The ad was considered to be highly sexual and got into controversies.

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