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Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Supposedly Involved In Illuminati

Written By: Chaitra
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Illuminati, a word that could leave anybody shivering. The Illuminati is a secret cult parallel to Christianity that's believed to control every part of the society including the media. If you didn't know, these Hollywood celebrities are involved in Illuminati, apparently.

Not many still know how a celebrity rose to stardom from very little or no talent. The only reason behind is believed to be Illuminati, though it sounds very impractical. There are proofs and sometimes the celebrities themselves have admitted that they are involved in the dark practice.

But, not many celebrities own up to following or being a part of the secret cult. Firstly, it's anti-christian. Being a part of a community that despises the main religion of the whole of West could be a major drawback for these celebrities.

So many choose to do it secretly and maintain a very low profile. The famous musicians usually project a lot of symbols associated with Illuminati through their videos and songs. It's believed that the singer Iggy, only rose to fame because she made a deal with the Illuminati.

One of the major examples is the Kardashians family. What have they done that led them to the stardom? Except for Kim's famous sex tape, nothing else! Apparently, Kim Kardashian's credits to fame, goes to Illuminati.

And you wouldn't believe which other celebrity of Hollywood is associated with this dark practice. Will Smith and his entire family is supposedly associated with llluminati. It is easy to get involved with, but hard to get out of the community.

Lady Gaga once admitted incorporating Illuminati in her songs because she saw it in her dreams. And, Adele also has been in Illuminati since the beginning of her career! Well, let's see who else from Hollywood is involved with Illuminati in what manner:

Katy Perry

The singer who belongs to the most orthodox Christian community, is now supposedly a follower of Illuminati. Katy Perry incorporates the symbols in majority of her songs.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne hinted the world about his connection with the cult when he wore a ball cap to a photoshoot, that had an inverted cross and pyramids.

Barack Obama

Even the President of the United States is rumored to be associated with the Illuminati. He is also believed to be Antichrist.

Britney Spears

Remember those days when Britney shaved her head and behaved real strange? According to the reports it was a trauma based mind controlling by the Illuminati.


Beyonce's association with Illuminati is so evident that a parody on it is made by Reductress.

Chris Brown

The burning triangle in Chris Brown's 'New Flame' is just one of the many Illuminati symbols shown in the video.

Serena Williams

It is believed that Serena Williams achieved the worldly domination in the sports industry after getting herself involved with the cult.


Once Kesha jokingly mentioned in her interview with the 'Rolling Stone' magazine that she was, "really the leader of the Illuminati."

Nicki Minaj

Not only is the 'Anaconda' singer associated with the Illuminati, but rumours hold that she's responsible for Whitney Houston's death.

Jennifer Lopez

They say if you're a follower of Illuminati, then you don't age. Looking at Jennifer Lopez, we could believe that she has something to do with the cult.

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