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Hollywood Divas Who Slammed The Body Shaming Critics!

Written By: Chaitra
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Sometimes, what others say could have a very negative impact on you. Especially, when one is subject to body shaming comments. It is very common in Hollywood. But, some celebrities shut such comments down. You need to know about these Hollywood divas slammed the body shaming critics.

There are a few celebrities who have got offended by body shaming mean comments and changed themselves, but some gave it back to the critics in their face! It could be by telling them to f*** off or killing them with the sweetest smile.

No matter how much you try to feel good in your own skin, people wouldn't let you. Once, Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and wife of John Legend posted a picture of herself from MTV awards. The first question she was asked was, if she had gained weight!

She slammed those people by saying how mean it is to randomly walk up to someone you know to just ask if they've gained weight. It's worse when one makes so much fun of a celebrity just after they have given birth to their children, because of their post pregnancy weight gain.

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Hilary Duff, who once posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini and resting on by the pool with her 3 months old baby was highly criticized for her weight gain. But, she wouldn't let people say whatever they want. She shut them up by saying that, post pregnancy weight wouldn't disappear by itself and it takes time.

Even the 20 years old model Gigi Hadid gave it back to the haters on Instagram saying, they can unfollow her if they didn't like looking at her. She couldn't care less and she wouldn't change herself for them. Well, that's what every hater deserves!

When Lena Dunham was questioned for wearing shorts on her chubby thighs, she told the fashion police to get used to it as she is going to wear it for the rest of her life. Below are a few more celebrities who slammed the body shaming critics:

Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer was asked to lose weight to land roles in movies, she told all the body shaming critics to go f***k themselves!


When Adele was criticized for her plus size, she beautifully said how her weight isn't bothering her health or sex life. Also, she makes music for ears and not eyes.

Amy Schumer

The comedian is always criticized for her chubby body. She just had one thing to say to all the hater that being 160 pounds, finds finding d***s has never been hard.

Kim Kardashian

When Kim was body shamed for gaining weight during pregnancy she said, "I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry!"

Kelly Clarkson

When Katie Hopkins commented on her weight "Oh, she's tweeted something nasty about me? That's because she doesn't know me. I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me. It's a free world. Say what you will."

Melisa McCarthy

The famous comedy actress Melisa McCarthy feels extremely bad for the critics who are floating in hatred while she's happy.

Tyra Banks

When magazines said Tyra Banks is fat and she needs to shed weight, she said, kiss my fat a**!

Jennifer Lopez

When one of Jennifer's managers told her to lose weight, she fired him saying there's nothing wrong in having some meat on the body.

Demi Lovato

Demi simply said, "Dear haters, you don't have to like me cause I love you. Everyone's equal, everyone has a soul, and everyone deserves to be loved."

Emma Stone

It isn't only the plus size celebrities who are criticized. When Emma Stone was criticized for being too thin, she shut the critics up saying she was only thinking of goodwill of others and wouldn't care about negative comments.

Kate Upton

Critics said the model has big thighs, no waist and saggy breast. But, the the model shut them all up by landing a contract with two swimsuit magazines in a row.

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