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12 Horror Movies On True Events You Won't Dare Watch Alone!

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You might get scared as hell, but you just can't stop watching horror movies. Although we keep chanting, be brave, it is all fake etc, some horror movies are so creepy, that they get into your mind and linger for weeks.

However, if you love the thrill of getting spooked, you would always want to watch horror movies alone in the dark.

There are many Hollywood movies which are based on true events and if that is not all, some are insanely creepy to be watched alone.

Although a lot of horror movie lovers find it as an excuse to cuddle and watch just to entertain on cheap thrills. But consider it as a warning. There are some Hollywood horror movies you just can't watch alone.

You can be stronger and do not believe in ghosts or paranormal activities, but these movies can have an effect on you for long.

Moreover, if the horror movie is based on true events, you just end up believing and connecting to it. Here is a list of horror movies which you must not watch alone.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The 2005 horror film is based on the 1976 case of the German girl Anneliese Michel, who died after months of intensive exorcism activity due to malnutrition and dehydration. Her parents and two priests involved were charged with negligent homicide following her death. This is Scott Derrickson's first exorcism movie based on real events.

The Girl Next Door

This is a tragic and disturbing Hollywood movie based on the real-life murder of 16-year-old Sylvia Marie Likens by Gertrude Baniszewski, Gertrude's children, and other young people in 1965.

The Last Exorcism

There are many debates as to whether The Last Exorcism which released in 2010 is based on a real life event or not. While some say yes, there are a few who called it a fictional horror movie.

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror draws on the real experiences of the Lutz family during the 28 days they spent in their Amityville, N.Y., home at 112 Ocean Avenue. A year before the family moved in, Ronald DeFeo Jr. had murdered six members of his family in the house. The Lutz' experiences launched a series of books which was adapted into 11 films. Daniel Lutz, the eldest of the Lutz children also publicly spoke about his experiences in the documentary My Amityville Horror, released in 2012.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is yet another Hollywood horror movie which is based on real life incidents. The movie shows the paranormal activities that were seen by a family after they moved into a Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s. Paranormal investigators Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine play a significant role in the prequel of Annabelle.


Annabelle is the prequel to 2013 hit horror film ‘The Conjuring'. Annabelle is about the origins of the creepy doll which was shown in The Conjuring. It is also true that visitors who taunted the possessed doll stored in the museum faced near death or fatal accidents.

The Haunting in Connecticut

In 1986, the Snedeker family rented a home in Connecticut which was a mortuary before. Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren concluded saying the home is overrun by demons. The experiences of the Snedeker family provide the inspiration for The Haunting in Connecticut.

The Rite

Based on the life of one of the 14 Vatican-certified exorcists of America, Father Gary Thomas, we see real life exorcisms and devils.

The Possession

This 2012 release is based on the real haunted dybukk box story. Whoever bought this box which originated from an eBay listing for a "dybbuk box" have reported strange things happening to them.

Deliver Us From Evil

This is a horror film based on real life events seen by New York cop Ralph Sarchie. He encountered paranormal activity while working on crimes in the city.

The Exorcist

The little girl in the movie is still one of the spookiest scenes we can't get over our mind. However, The Exorcist is adapted from a book which i6s based on real story of a boy named Roland Doe who was possessed by demons in 1949.

The Entity

Have you ever heard of a ghost who sexually abused its victims? In 1974, paranormal investigators Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff worked at a place where they witnessed paranormal activities like moving objects. This 1982 movie is based on the same incident where the ghost abuses sexually.

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