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Horror Movies On Scary & Haunted Dolls That Will Freak You Out

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A lot of directors do not mind using the ultimate horror trick of putting fear of evil into small playful objects in their movies.

There are some really creepy dolls shown which has put an end to our childhood memories and scared young kids.

A lot of horror movies have been made using those haunted creepy dolls as the subject who with or without talking kills people.

The Conjuring, Annabelle, Curse of Chuky, Child's Play and many more horror movies shows how haunted dolls can be more powerful and scary.

Child's Play introduced us to Chucky and the serial killer has made it to our mind and shattered all childhood memories.

Here is a list of great scary-doll-horror films which will freak you out.

The Conjuring

The movie shows the paranormal activities that were seen by a family after they moved into a Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1970s. Paranormal investigators Ed Warren and his wife, Lorraine play a significant role in the prequel of Annabelle.


The prequel shows more about the haunted doll. It is kept away at the haunted Occult Museum in London from the year 1970 by the paranormal investigators, The Annabelle doll which is locked up in a special case by the paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren has been exorcised several times by a priest who visits the museum regularly but there is still an attachment of soul to the doll.

Dead Silence

The haunted ventriloquist doll "Billy" bares a resemblance to "Fats" from the movie "Magic" and these long nails can scare you.

Poltergeist (1982)

The "scary clown" or "dolls"under the bed still haunts us.

Child's Play

"Child's Play" introduced us to Chucky, a doll which became the host to the serial killer "The Lakeshore Strangler".

Curse of Chucky

The franchise has made us stay away from dolls especially the ones which are seen with a blue denim dungaree.

Trilogy of Terror

"Zuni Doll" with its aggressive appearance that featured razor sharp teeth and a spear surely made us spend sleepless nights.

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