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Jennifer Lawrence Tumbles On The Red Carpet During Mockinjay 2 Premiere!

Written By: Chaitra
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Jennifer Larence, the 25 years old 'Hunger Games' actress tumbled and fell yet again on the red carpet. The actress who was in Madrid for the premiere of Hunger Games : Mockinjay 2, tripped on her dress and fell on the red carpet!

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Oops! Jennifer Lawrence Falls Yet Again!

Image Courtesy : Daily Mail

Jennifer was wearing Ralph Lauren's flowing black gown. The train of the gown was hindering her walk. As she was climbing up the stairs while walking towards the theater, the hem seemed to have got caught in her shoes and hence led to the fall.

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The people around the actress, including her managers and body guards tried to cover the view and help her up, but the great fall was quite evident! But, like always, Jlaw stood up only to wave at her fans guarantying she was fine.

Oops! Jennifer Lawrence Falls Yet Again!

The 'American Hustle' actress is known for her tumbling and falling skills on the red carpet! Including the recent one, the blonde beauty has fallen thrice on the red carpet! And if you don't know where and how, get ready to be wonderstruck.

During the 2012 Oscars, when Jennifer won the Best Supporting Actress Award for 'Silver Lining Playbook', she had her first red carpet fall. The actress was on her way to accept the award and boom! She tumbles on her gown and falls on the stairs.

Oops! Jennifer Lawrence Falls Yet Again!

Image Courtesy : E! Magazine

The next time, in 2014, while she was entering the venue where the Oscars was happening, she tumbled again. But, she missed a great fall like the other times as she held on to the person walking before her.

Ellen DeGeneres spoke about Jennifer Lawrence's red carpet falling moments, during her opening monologue for Oscars 2014 and cracked the audience up. Jlaw has laughed off every time she has had a fall on a place like red carpet!

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