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Kate Hudson's Wardrobe Malfunction At La Mer Event, Posts Selfies

By: Chaitra K
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Only a lady would understand the wardrobe difficulties and the tasks that go behind picking an attire for any event.
Our 'Almost Famous' beauty, experienced a wardrobe malfunction at the La Mer's 50th Anniversary event, where she literally struggled to get out of her floral-print Yanina.

Kate Hudson Le Mar 50th Anniversary Gown Disaster

The 36 years old Bride Wars actress wanted to use the rest room at the event. To be frank, we all know how tricky it gets while trying to handle our clothes in the rest room more than any other place.

Something of the same sort happened to the blonde beauty and she ended up like a lizard caught in the spider web in her evening gown.

She called out for her friends to help her with the task of getting out of the dress, when she stopped before the mirror and took a selfie just to post on her Instagram captioning, "When you can't get out of your dress whilst trying to go..."

Kate Hudson Le Mar 50th Anniversary Gown Disaster

Courtesy: Instagram

You can see Gwyneth Paltrow trying to adjust Kate's dress while she's busy taking a selfie. The actress managed to laugh off her wardrobe malfunction and succeeded in making her fans laugh too.
Besides all the party fun and the night out with her lady friends, Kate Hudson has voiced her opinion on sexism in Hollywood like many other actresses.

She said, "I think it's an incredibly relevant, important time for all of that. I think we have a long way to go. And it's a big subject for me, too, for a lot of women. I think we've made great strides, but we're still not there yet."

She further added, "I think the more that we support each other and get on board with each other, the stronger we are. And the more things we can achieve together."

Kate's mother Goldie Hawn, who is also an actress, made a statement saying, she's brought her daughter up to be "self-sustaining".

The 69-year-old star said, "Kate is in a similar situation to what I was. Self-sustaining in many ways, obviously financially. And our children have grown up also understanding that's a fair deal. Women working for themselves isn't such a bad thing."

It is inspiring to hear such words from all the successful women around the world. Irrespective of what country or community the women come from, they need to be taught to stand up for their rights, stand up for themselves.

Well, isn't that what Kate Hudson did? Stood up strong and took a selfie with her chin up, despite being trapped in the gown!

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