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Marilyn Monroe : Secrets & Facts You Need To Learn About Her!

Written By: Chaitra
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Marilyn Monroe, the lady who defines the actual beauty of womanhood, a personality that represents success and the beauty who inspires the world even 53 years after her death. There are a few secrets and facts you need to learn about Marilyn Monroe.

"In Hollywood, a girl's virtue is much less important than her hairdo." said Marilyn. She was a woman who pointed issues like sexism and feminism in Hollywood more than six decades ago. Someone who was against objectification of women.

It's more than half a century since her death, and the world still embraces the eternal beauty of Marilyn. She was a human being who earned every inch of what she deserved. Having been born to a mother with mental issues, she spent her growing years in orphanages.

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The late actress and model was the sixth highest paid dead celebrity of the world. Yes, you heard it right. She's earning even while she doesn't exist anymore. She was also titled the new face of Chanel No 5 in the same year.

We have all heard many quotes said by her, that have always inspired us and will continue to do so in the future, too. But, not many of us know many deep secrets and facts about Marilyn. One of it being she sleeping wearing Chanel in bed!

The actress hated pajamas as she found them creepy. Also, she had her own beauty hacks. While the Hollywood celebrities spend thousands and millions to make their face look good, she used Vaseline under her make up that made her skin glow.

When she committed suicide due to unresolvable and mental issue, the suicide rate in NYC rose to 12 on that particular day. One of the fans' suicide note read, "If the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world has nothing to live for, then neither must I,"

Read below to know more interesting facts about Marilyn Monroe:

Pregnant Twice

Not many of us knew about the fact that Marilyn Monroe got pregnant twice. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage both the times.

She Was A Genius!

Sources have revealed that the actress' IQ was 160+, which definitely makes her a super genius human being. She was briefly linked with the scientist Albert Einstein.

She Stuttered

Though she voiced many issues, Marilyn had the stuttering issue since her childhood. She used to get therapy for it. She mostly stuttered when she feared something or when under stress.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Many artists are believed to have more than just one personality. Similarly, Marilyn used to gaze at the mirror looking for the other personality of hers. Also, suddenly change from the celebrity that she was to a common person while walking on roads.

Heavy Facial Hair

Marilyn had "the heaviest peach fuzz beard of any actress in Hollywood," according to Gene London. Unlike other actresses, she embraced it and refused to get it removed.

She Was Avid Reader

She was a genius for a reason. Marilyn had a huge library at her house. She had a huge collections of books and spent most her time reading.

The Million Dollar Dress

The dress Marilyn wore on John F. Kennedy's birthday party to sing to him, was sold for a whooping amount $1,267,500! It set a world record.

Her Natural Hair Color

The actress wasn't born a blonde. She was born a brunette. She colored her hair to blonde when she entered showbiz and retained it thereafter.

Marilyn Wore Glasses

Marilyn Monroe had eyesight issues and had to wear glasses to be able to see well. But the glasses were believed to damage her sexy quotient, so she seldom appeared in public wearing them.

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