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Most Ridiculous Hollywood Celebrity Memes Of All Time!

Posted By: Chaitra
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The internet has evolved to become a very important part of lives. Each one of us has our own unique relationship with it. The most amusing relationship that ever exists is between the celebrities and the internet. You must see these ridiculous Hollywood celebrity memes of all time!

Ever since the memes were invented, internet has become a more interesting destination to stop by time and again. Memes based on the celebrities' real life situation, acting skills, music, emotions etc, are one of those things that can make your day better.

Paparazzi play a very important role in making these memes successful by capturing the most hilarious expressions of the celebrities. But, sometimes they could cross the line and the fun factor turns more serious. For one such reason, Chris Martin is getting sued by a paparazzo in a hit and run case.

Memes spare no one. There are memes made on the President of the United States, too. It could his expression while giving a speech or looking at a board which read "69". Some of the most funniest memes are always based on the Kardashians.

For instance, Kim's epic expression when she's crying. The expression went on to become so famous that not only were memes made on that, but the reality star herself made an emoji app that consists all her expressions called 'Kimoji'.

Justin Bieber's age is also used in many of his memes. Being one of the youngest celebrities of Hollywood, he is often mocked for his age and sometimes for his music, too. Ever since he's trying to get back with Selena Gomez, internet is filled more memes of Justin.

Memes are understood better only when seen. So below we have put together memes on Hollywood celebrities that are always ruling the internet. You can't help but laugh your heart off when you look at these most ridiculous memes:

Kanye West

A zillion memes have been made on Kanye's famous 'b***ch please' expression. This one targets him name.

Taylor Swift

It is believed that Taylor Swift makes a song after every break up. This one was made when she was dating her ex-beau Harry Styles.

Miley Cyrus

Well, Thor definitely wouldn't want you to lick his hammer, Miley!

Kim Kardashian

This was one of the best memes on Kim's break the internet Paper magazine cover.

Kristen Stewart

The actress is always made fun for her poker face. Seldom one gets to see her other expressions.

Scarlett Johansson

When she fell, she did a lot of things. Including playing the drums to running away from the zombies.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling's famous face suits any pick up line and looks extremely sexy!

Adele & Drake

There choice of music match to a very large extent while communicating, don't they?

Barack Obama

When Obama says it's not bad, it better be really good.

Leonardo DiCaprio

So what if Leonardo DiCaprio hasn't won Oscars yet? He definitely is winning in the meme world.

Britney Spears

If you are ever having a bad time, just look at this and make yourself feel better!

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