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7 Crazy Things Done By Miley Cyrus That Would Leave You Wonderstruck

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Miley Cyrus, the 23 years old actor/singer, is known for a lot of other things she's done and said besides singing and acting. She is the one of the most sensational celebrities. Her actions and words have made people question her values.

But never anything talked or written about her has ever affected Miley. She just doesn't care. At times, her words and actions have been so extreme that she has been sued. Many parents said she's a negative influence on their children.

When she was asked about the eerie things she does and the bizarre words that spill from her mouth, Miley said, "It really doesn't bother me when people tell me I'm crazy, because I am. I grew up around people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, and those people are not normal."

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer says it's all about being yourself. She said, "I treat people at the bottom of the list much better than people at the top, because the people at the top have enough people sucking up to them,"

Miley has owned up to everything single thing she's done and never denies her actions unlike other celebrities. She accepts that she smokes weed, she has never lied about here relationship statuses and has made fun of herself.

The actress admits that when she was just like any other artist, people seldom recognized her. They wanted something unique and she is just doing what they asked for. Well, that totally makes sense and she's not to blame!

She says she never encourages her fans to do everything she does or she doesn't do things to get more attention. She definitely has a lot of good things to share, though. Like, how she always tells her fans to be kind to animals.

Irrespective of how nice Miley is, and what good intentions she has, a few things she's done are definitely too much to digest.

We have chosen 7 such things done by Miley that would really make you wonder how daring you could ever get. So, here it goes...

Smokes Weed On Stage

Smokes Weed On Stage

The singer lit up a joint on the stage while performing at EMAs! She has always posted pictures of herself smoking weed on social networking sites and that wasn't news to her fans. But, she crossed all the lines and decided to amuse the viewers by taking drags of marijuana before tons of people.

Gets Rolling Stone Tattoo On Feet

Gets Rolling Stone Tattoo On Feet

This was when she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Miley went on to get tattoo of the magazine's name on her to make it memorable. She's got the word Rolling on her right foot and Stone on her left, tatted.

Plans To Do A  Naked Concert

Plans To Do A Naked Concert

Just a few days back we told you about Miley's forthcoming NAKED CONCERT. Yup! You heard it right. She's planning to do a naked concert in collaboration with the Flaming Lips Band before a naked audience.

Touches Herself On Stage

Touches Herself On Stage

Miley Cyrus twerks on stage, Miley Cyrus sticks her tongue out while performing, Miley Cyrus even licks objects in her video. Miley Cyrus even touches herself too much, while performing and making videos. She even went on to touch herself in the private parts during MTV VMAs and that created a lot of issues.

Calls Herself  Pansexual

Calls Herself Pansexual

Post her breakup with her ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, Miley supposedly dated the Victoria's Secret model, Stella Maxwell. She doesn't claim to be a gay or bi-sexual, but she calls herself a 'Pansexual'! Which means, she doesn't stop herself from dating people of any gender.

Licks A Married Man On The Stage

Licks A Married Man On The Stage

This act of hers wearing a nude bikini on stage created a huge storm within and outside media. Robin Thicke was licked on the neck by Miley when the duo was performing at the Music Awards ceremony. It wouldn't have been such a huge issue if only Robin wasn't married.

Adopts A Piglet

Adopts A Piglet

When Miley realised that every life on the face of the earth has equal right to live, she decided to go vegan. Our dear 'Dooo it' singer didn't stop at that. She adopted an adorable piglet and named her Bubba Sue! She has many other pets besides the piggy.

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