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10 Hollywood Actresses With The Most Spectacular Pouts!

Posted By: Chaitra
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Whoever founded pout, must be hunted down and rewarded! The sort of fad the pout trend created is hard to forget. Hollywood witnessed it the most than any other part of the world. We have Hollywood actresses whose pouts are just spectacular.

From the youngest to the eldest, every lady wants to push her lips in the front and make it look as voluptuous as possible. There are tutorials on the internet to show you how to achieve the perfect pout.
It is also known as the 'Duckface'.

What most of the people don't know is that pout is actually an expression used to show disappointment or anger. But somewhere in the world someone decided to make it rather sexual and thus, started the pouting era!

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The trend was highly criticized as much as it was appreciated by the younger generation, especially the girls who felt it helped them in boosting their self confidence and eliminating insecurities. Thin or tiny lips are considered to be 'unattractive'.

We would like to agree to disagree on that. There are too many beautiful women in Hollywood and otherwise who are absolutely gorgeous and have natural thin lips. For instance, Jennifer Aniston, is one of the most sexiest women on earth, and has thin lips.

Having said that, we aren't criticizing women with voluptuous lips and who love to pout. These ladies sure know how to push them lips and look extremely gorgeous. But, some Hollywood celebrities like, Kylie Jenner, took pout to a whole new disturbing level.

But today we are only talking about Hollywood actresses who have the most spectacular pout of all time. It's said that pouting is a gone craze and a new trend called 'Fish Gape' is becoming the new trend. So let's look the 10 most happening pouts of Hollywood and bid it a goodbye:

Jennifer Lawrence

It's definitely hard to imagine JLaw pout as she's always laughing her heart off. But when she does pout, she can make heads turn around.

Megan Fox

The hazel eyed actress, Megan Fox is known for her sensational pout. She usually displays a very naughty pout and it suits her too well.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina was born with a pout! She proudly flaunted her pout and the most happening lips even before the trend set foot in Hollywood.

Eva Mendes

The 'Hitched' beauty, Eva Mendes' pout is as sexy as her. She isn't just good at dating one of the hottest man ever Ryan Gosling, but also too good at carrying a pout.

Penelope Cruz

We never thought Penelope would be one of the actresses who could make her pout look very different from the mainstream ones and yet totally nail it.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet's pout is as English and elegant as her. The actress pushes her lips in a very subtle way and makes them look extremely classy.

Amanda Seyfried

Another actress with a very elegant smile and pout is Amanda Seyfried. The serious face actress' lips are just natural and sexy.

Scarlett Johansson

Men around the world went gaga when they got to see Scarlett Johansson's pout. The actress' pout is as spectacular as any other facial features of hers.

Venessa Hudgens

Remember the sort of storm High School Musical created in Hollywood? Thanks to Venessa's pout. Every teenage girl wanted to have a pout like Venessa Hudgen's.

Kat Dennings

The 'Two Broke Girls' show gained popularity for two reasons. One being Kat dennings bosoms and two, her ever sexy pout!

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