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10 Interesting & Little Known Facts About Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda'!

Posted By: Chaitra
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"My Anaconda don't unless you got big bun, hon!" Sounds too familiar? Yes, it's Nicki's Anaconda. A song that literally scarred some for life. Today, we have put together 10 interesting facts about Nicki Minaj's very famous song 'Anaconda'.

When the song was released, people had a zillion reasons to love it, hate it and just move along with the bootylicious song ever made in the history of Hip Hop music. It actually took a very long time for many to even figure what the song was about.

It was too hilarious to watch the older population and teenagers react to it. It ranged from scrutinizing the video in search of a real Anaconda to closing their eyes much disgusted by just the cover art, let alone watching them girls shake their assets.

There are varied angles to Nicki's Anaconda. Some say it had a dearth of men and it purely objectified women, a few used the opportunity to blame the singer for making such obnoxious videos and the others rather appreciated it for putting up a positive image about bigger bodies.

Irrespective of what it was, the video gained enormous popularity and is been sung and listened to till date. Jennifer Lopez recently shook her booty to it during the American Music Awards, and people felt Nicki threw shade at JLo.

Well, Hollywood is very similar to Vegas in certain matters. Because, what happens in Hollywood sometimes stays within Hollywood. Nevertheless, Nicki's posteriors just didn't stay within her pants throughout the video.

Hundreds of thousands of memes and spoofs were made on the song. Even Ellen DeGeneres made her own spoof of Anaconda. But, there are many little known facts about the song. Below we have 10 such interesting facts about Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' for you:

An Ode To Big Posteriors

As you know, the video is filled with big booties. When asked about it, Nicki said, it is for all 'thick girls' to feel good about themselves who are as beautiful as the skinny girls.

Drake's Appearance

Many said, the saddest moment of Drake's life was when he appeared on 'Anaconda'. Apparently, Nicki ran into Drake a day before the shoot and decided to cast him in the video.

Balmain, Cocaine & Penises?!

The song talks about all those things any parent fears. Nicki has smartly included words that represent drugs, penises and sex.

The Racism Issues

Nicki called Hollywood very racist for criticizing her appearance on the cover art of her video, but encouraging the white girls who were imitating the singer's pose.

The Feud With Miley

We all know about the famous feud between Miley and Nicki. Anaconda beat Miley Cyrus' record on VEVO under the one day view category by 30,000 views!

What The Bananas Mean!

Well, we kind of know what those bananas in the video represented, but Nicki said it is a representation of what girls do in slumber parties, play with stuff and gossip. Um, really?

Sir Mix-A-Lot Reaction

Sir Mix-A-Lot's reaction was the best. He said, he watched the video 37 times and told himself, "Daaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn".

The Sexy Quotient

Nicki came up with the best way to make her video sexy. It wasn't by pouting or twerking, but by exposing as many bare buttocks as possible.

The Original Record

The song was originally recorded by Missy Elliott in 2012. the singer decided to shelf the song for Nicki to work on it later.

The Awards!

Though the song was criticized and considered to be very "non musical", it won many awards, including MTV Best Hip Hop Song of the year award.

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