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These Disney Actresses Turned Hot From Cute Will Definitely Leave You Dumbstruck

Posted By: Chaitra
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"You get the best of both worlds, chillin' out,take it slow,then you rock out the show", we all once lip-synced to these lyrics as Hannah Montana hit the TV screens. That was the cute Miley Cyrus. You'll be dumbstruck to look at these Disney actresses turned hot from cute.

We all know what Miley has grown up to be like. From the cute singer with a blonde wig, she's turned into a musician who seldom covers herself. We aren't referring to her wig alone, we mean the entire body. She recently went bare again for a photoshoot.

You might be surprised by the sound of this, but it isn't only Miley Cyrus who has changed drastically over years. Many other Disney actresses, who once wore pink most of the times and played the roles of princesses and magicians have grown up to the most hottest and controversial celebrities.

All of these celebrities started their career off through Disney. Disney has been a stepping stone to success for all of these actresses. But, they don't seem to have retained all the values they learned through being a part of the most famous children shows.

Remember the friction between Selena and Miley with regard to the latter's Cinderella Halloween costume? Apparently, Selena dissed Miley for insulting the Cinderella costume, which was indirectly a disgrace to Disney through which Miley rose to fame.

Some actresses from Disney shows and movies, like Amanda Bynes, has rather been in the news for all possible wrong reasons. Like, throwing a bong from her window apartment on the passersby while on the influence of substances.

But, some, like Drew Barrymore, has used the platform provided by Disney to build her career. Drew Barrymore happens to be one of the most talented and well renowned actresses of Hollywood. But, the celebrities whom we have mentioned below have changed drastically for good and bad.

Let's have a look at these Disney actresses who have turned extremely hot from cute:

Miley Cyrus

Needless to say, the picture is enough to explain the difference between the 'Hannah Montana' Miley and the 'Wrecking Ball' Miley Cyrus.

Selena Gomez

Maybe Selena hasn't changed much in terms of her appearance, but the actress turned singer has a much sizzling personality now.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has grown up to be an extremely talented singer, of course. But, she was subject a number of mental illnesses, which highly have changed her as a person.

Britney Spears

This teen pop star changed overnight. She was initially starred in the Micky Mouse show on Disney, but when debut album became a super hit, Britney went through a drastic transformation.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay was one of the most cutest Disney actresses, only until she got into issues like drug abuse and shoplifting. Nevertheless, she is also one of the hottest celebrities.

Anne Hathaway

The 'Princess Diaries' actress Anne Hathaway, who was on her way to become a nun has taken a turn from that path and gone bare in her movies.

Ashley Tidsale

Though Ashley Tidsale played the role of the most fashionable character on 'High School Musical', that can never match up to her sexual appeal,today.

Vanessa Hudson

The lead actress of 'High School Musical' became every teenage girls's favorite through her role in the movie. Now, she's competing with the elder crowd by acting in movies like 'Sucker Punch'.

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