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Top Photoshop Fails Of Hollywood Celebrities On Magazine Covers!

Posted By: Chaitra
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Photoshop is considered to be one of the most valued inventions by the mankind. Celebrities love photoshop as it beautifies them even more. Today, we are going to show you a few photoshop fails of Hollywood celebrities on magazine covers.

The cover picture of any magazine plays a very crucial role in luring its readers. It is the most appealing factor of a magazine. When a magazine features a celebrity on its cover, it tries its best to make the person look as beautiful as possible.

But, what these magazines fail to realize is that there's a limit to any kind of editing. They go to an extent where you wouldn't be able to compare the virtual look of the celebrity with their real self. Every bit of their physical appearance is modified.

There are a few celebrities who have sued magazines for polishing and editing their images beyond recognition. The English actress Kate Winslet once sued a magazine for editing her picture to make her extremely slender.

But some celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, rather got sued by her fans for encouraging extreme editing on the face and body. Most of her pictures are edited to such an extent that her waist is made to look half the actual size and buttocks much bigger.

Amy Schumer, the comedian and actress who always promotes positive body image stood by her words when she stripped for a recent photoshoot. Along with her another celebrity who went bare to define real beauty was the Tennis champion Serena Williams.

Certain magazines don't spare the new born celebrity children, too! When Kate Middleton was first featured with her son on a magazine, the new born's skin was polished and whitened. Really? C'mon! Let the infants be comfortable in their skin!

Below we have a list of the worst photoshop fails of Hollywood celebrities on magazine covers:

Lady Gaga -Vogue

These two images show you the amount of editing gone behind making Lady gaga look much slimmer and surreal. The body is almost half the size in the edited picture.

Jennifer Lawrence - Flare

Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who has always promoted positive body image, has let the magazine edit her picture to make her body below the waist look much curvier and face more sculpted.

Kourtney Kardashian – OK!

When her first child Mason was born, Kourtney did a nursery shoot with OK! Magazine. You can see how the magazine has edited the picture to hide the weight she had gained from her child's birth!

Beyonce – Harper's Bazaar

Beyonce has always told how proud she is of her voluptuous figure. But this cover photo of hers on the magazine has literally taken out a chunk from between her thighs to highlight the thigh gap.

Lorde – Fashion

Lorde once sued a magazine for uploading an edited picture from her performance. She said, "Flaws are beautiful". But this cover photo is so much edited that her skin looks absolutely flawless!

Kate Winslet – Vogue

Vogue magazine is known for its horrible editing skills! The above picture of Kate Winslet makes her look like a totally different person. Every bit of the image is edited.

Mariah Carey- Playboy

Gone are the days when Mariah had a body that was cellulite free and sculpted. But, Playboy managed to make Mariah Carey look just perfect by altering her entire body.

Gabby Sidibe – Elle

To fit into the mainstream definition of beauty, Elle decided to edit the actress Gabby Sidibe to this extent. How hard would it be for these magazines to use minimal editing everywhere?

Justin Bieber- Todatee

The magazine realized Justin is too young to edit his body or structure of the face. So, they made him look hilarious by putting in some extra ordinary colors and polishing on the face!

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