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Valentine's Day: Romantic Celebrity Quotes From George Clooney, Kim & More

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Valentine's Day is a special day when you get to express your love which you have either suppressed or not got a chance to say it to your partner.

Apart from saying 'I Love You' Valentine's Day is also a special day when love is in the air. Couples get a chance to thank each other and say something which strengthens the relationship further.

If we take a look at the celebrity couples, some of the loved stars have given brilliant and romantic quotes which not just touched their partner's heart, but also everyone who heard and watched it.

The recent example is of George Clooney who during his Lifetime Achievement award speech at the Golden Globes took a chance to thank his newly wed wife, Amal Clooney for being their in his life.

He said, "It's a humbling thing to find someone to love. Amal, I couldn't be prouder to be your husband." George Clooney had his lady love, Amal Clooney with whom he graced the red carpet first time after the couple got hitched last year.

Hearing his inspiring and lovely speech moved everyone who was attending Golden Globes and the viewers worldwide.

It is a blessing to have a loving partner who cares for you, is flamboyant about it and also appreciates your presence and support.

Thus, on the romantic occasion of Valentine's Day, here is a look at the heart touching celebrity quotes which made us 'aww!'


Brangelina have always shown their love for each other. Be it during Angelina's rough time when she had to go through mastectomy or anything else, Brangelina have been together. 3 months before their wedding last year, Angelina told Elle, "After all these years, we have history - and when you have history with somebody, you're friends in such a very real, deep way that there's such a comfort, and an ease, and a deep love that comes from having been through quite a lot together."

"I never thought I'd have children, I never thought I'd be in love, I never thought I'd meet the right person. Having come from a broken home, you kind of accept that certain things feel like a fairy tale, and you just don't look for them," she added.

Beyonce and Jay Z

The power couple of America have fought a lot of divorce rumours over the years together by appearing all the more drunk and crazy in love. After Queen Bey married the rapper in 2008, she told, "We have been together since I was 20 years old. We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married."

George and Amal Clooney

George with his acceptance speech at Golden Globes made everyone including Amal love him more. Few months after their wedding, Mr and Mrs. Clooney graced the red carpet together for the first time. He said, "It's a humbling thing to find someone to love. Amal, I couldn't be prouder to be your husband."

Kate Middleton and Prince William

The royal couple are always together but seldom indulge in PDA or talk about their personal lives. However, when the Prince popped the question and presented his mother, Princess Diana's infamous engagement ring.

He told the press, "Well as you may recognise now, it's my mother's engagement (sapphire diamond) ring and it's very special to me, as Kate is very special to me now as well. It was only right the two were put together. It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. We're both very, very happy and I'm very glad that I have done it."

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

In a recent interview, the "Cake" star revealed that she felt her fiance, Justin Theroux, was a gift from Daniel McDonald, one of her ex-partners, who died from brain cancer. She said, "He was my first love - five years we were together. He would have been the one. But I was 25, and I was stupid. He must have sent me Justin to make up for it all."


How can Kim Kardashian and Kanye West lag behind. Kanye once revealed that he loved her from the time he saw her.

Kim also showed her love at several occasions. Once during Kanye's birthday, she said, "You have changed my life in more ways than you know! The way you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!!"

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

After having a rough patch and a called-off engagement with Jennifer Lopez, Ben found love in the bubbly Garner. Garner once told, "Ben is sexy and kind, but he's also a riot. We can be very goofy together."

David and Victoria Beckham

Even after having turmoils in their marriage, one of the hottest celebrity couples who are coming up stronger. While accepting her Best Brand at the British Fashion Awards in 2014, Victoria said, "We've come a long way since that Spice Girls dressing room. David, you inspire me every day. You support me. You make this possible. I adore you and my children."

When the cheating allegations shook, Victoria said, "There have been bumps along the road but the fact is we've come out of everything we've been through stronger and happier, it's even better now than when we were first married. After all these years, we can just come home and have a laugh together."

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

"I waited because I didn't want to settle," Cameron, is reported to have told the couple's 127 guests at their reception. "Now I got the best man ever. My special man. He's mine." It all comes out after she recently revealed that she is open to marriage. Few months later, Cameron secretly got hitched to Benji last year.

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