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10 Celebrity Images That Almost Broke The Internet!

Written By: Nirmalraj
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When it comes to breaking the Internet one can't help but think of Kim Kardashian's infamous cover image for Paper magazine and how it became the talk of the town. The photographer needs to be appreciated for clicking the internet breaking pic of all time!

Although that image is on the top of the list, here are a few images that came close to breaking the internet.

Kim Kardashian

When she revealed her voluptuous bottom for Paper magazine back in Nov 2012, the cover page actually read 'Break the Internet' and it did! The Paper magazine's website got 6.6 Million page views a day after the issue was released. Close to 16 Million page views and over 11 Million unique visitors were the record set by the website for just one cover photo.

Ellen DeGeneres

After she hosted the Oscars back in 2014, her epic selfie with all the biggest stars in the industry literally broke Twitter and soon became the most re-tweeted pic of all time. The pic featured Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie , Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong'o and of course Ellen DeGeneres herself.

Peter Dinklage

The Game Of Thrones star, has won the hearts of millions after a throwback pic from his high school year book 1987 was posted in Reddit. Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) is seen rocking a three inch mullet and it was an instant hit in the social media.

Kim And Kanye's Wedding

If there's one person who can send the internet on a frenzy it's Kim Kardashian. She has become popular through social media, starting from her sex tape to her cover page image and her wedding, she has generated enough buzz on the internet. Her wedding photo with Kanye West has more than over 2.3 Million likes till date.

Miley Cyrus

The girl next door soon rose to fame to be the #1 bad girl in the music industry. Thanks to her onstage shenanigans. Her performance in 2013 MTV music awards showed the world, the other side of this Disney princess.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom

Justin was bragging about hooking up with Orland's then wife Miranda Kerr; and all hell broke loose when Bloom attempted to throw a punch at the young singer in Ibiza. What made the issue even worse is when JB posted a crying Orlando's image on his Instagram page and it created so many controversies in the social media.

Dwayne Johnson

If Peter Dinklage's throwback image wasn't enough Dwayne Johnson posted a throwback image of himself rocking a 90's style look and wearing a fanny pack has sent his fans smiling all over the world.


Ever wondered why Rihanna isn't on Instagram? It's because of this image! This image caused some controversies on the social media for posting a pic that breached Instagram's nudity policy. Well, for what it's worth, fans got to see what they wanted!

Justin Bieber and Will Smith

This pic of Justin Bieber and Will Smith has won the hearts of millions of fans and it is quite evident from the amount of likes and shares the pic has received since the day it was posted online.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The world was waiting for its favorite actor to receive that one award that has eluded him for years. The news that Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for 'Best Acting' in 2016 has spread like wild fire within minutes of announcement and is easily one of the most tweeted topics of the year 2016.

Despite these epic pics, there are still so many celebrities and their pics that could do the trick. For example, a pic of JLaw in her birthday suit or something like that, would always be doing the rounds and be trending every time that topic comes up.

Many pics have won the internet, but only a few like the above mentioned ones have come close to breaking it! Nevertheless, countless images are buried in deep webs of the internet and countless more will pour in. It's a phenomenon effort to overcome all those countless images to rise to the top of the chain! Very few celebs can pull that off easily and Kim Kardashian is the leading contender in that department.

The power of an image lies with the fans around the world. Fans, critics and every other kind of person can make any pic unanimously famous and apparently break the internet. Let's see which pics would be in the list in a few years' time.

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