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DONT MISS IT! Angry Birds Movie Has A Surprise At The End Credits!

Written By: Nirmalraj
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Talk about innovating the movie going experience and connecting multiple worlds with it. Or simply a unique way to market your stuff in the movie!

The makers of Angry birds wants the audience to pop their phones and point them towards the screen during the end credits!

angry birds

For those of you, who does that, you have a surprise waiting said the makers. Rovio Entertainment is said to drop a code in the credits of the upcoming animated film, that will enable the users to unlock an exclusive level for a new pinball-inspired game called "Angry Birds Action!"

"It's really about continuing the story," said Miika Tams, vice president of games at Espoo, Finland-based studio Rovio. "Everyone is usually distracted after watching a movie, but we wanted audiences to be distracted by wanting to go back into the game."

The code will unlock a unique level in the piggy islands which can only be unlocked by zapping the code which is displayed at the end of the movie's credits.

"This takes place after the movie is over, so it won't disturb the actual movie-going experience," said Mikael Hed, Executive Chairman at Rovio Animation Studios. "When we were coming up with the concept, we thought about something like this happening during the movie, but we decided that would be totally disrupting."

Similar codes, will also be made available in the Angry Birds merchandise and marketing materials, the codes when scanned will unlock various freebies like power-ups, mini-games, animated clips and augmented reality content in 'Angry Birds Action!' and there are a total of 24 such codes spread across the merchandise and other Angry Birds goodies. Fly faster and gather them all!

"Angry Birds Action!" is scheduled to launch this week for Android and Apple devices.

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