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Attractive Hollywood Actors Who Transformed To Ugly For Movie Roles

Written By: Chaitra
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Appearance plays a very important role in celebrities' life in real or on-screen. They are mostly appreciated for their stunningly good looks on-screen. But these attractive Hollywood celebrities who transformed to ugly for movie roles will surprise you.

We had once told you about actors who buffed up for their movie roles, but they didn't look ugly. Plus size has its own perks. Unlike, these celebrities who managed to look extremely ugly with the help of many layers of make-up and unusual body transformation.

The amount of transformation the Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow went through for the movie Shallow Hal was mind blowing. She put on a extra pounds for the movie and also had a lot of make up on to look like an obese person.

We all know what a handsome man James Franco is. But, he looked like an absolute mess in the movie Spring Break. With his long dreadlocks and braced teeth, the actor did total justice to his character. He was a rap loving thug criminal in the movie.

Gary Oldman, the legendary actor also chose to go ugly for his movie True Romance. The actor who has a beautiful skin otherwise, had deep scars and milky eyes on-screen. He scary look was more or less like the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Even the extremely sexy actress Cameron Diaz went ugly for her movie Being John Malkovich where she the role of a pet-obsessed woman. She looks terrifying in that scattered hair on the hair and the poker face.

We all have known Mariah Carey for her music. But, when she acted in a movie, she made herself look totally different from what she looks in the real life. With the help of a lot of makeup and hairstylists, Mariah Carey looks very unappealing.

Let's have a look at these few more attractive Hollywood actors who turned ugly for movie roles:

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's look in the movie 12 Monkeys is extremely psyched out. He plays the role of an institutional animal activist.

Nicole Kidman

You wouldn't believe how this pretty actress looked in the movie The Hours. She is depicted as an art sufferer.

Christian Bale

Not only did Christian Bale gain extra pounds for the movie 'American Hustle', but he also went bald.

Jude Law

One of the most hottest actors of Hollywood, Jude Law didn't think twice before sacrificing his good looks for the movie Dom Hemingway.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone's character in the movie Ghosts of The Girlfriends Past is one to remember forever. Hats off to the actress for her drastic transformation.

Charlize Theron

It takes a lot of guts for an actor to go before the camera sans-makeup, let alone getting make-up to make themselves look disastrous. But, Charlize Theron passed to carry that look in the movie Monster.

Ryan Gosling

Though Ryan Gosling looked his hottest self at the beginning of the movie Blue Valentine, with the deteriorating marriage on-screen, his looks started to fade, too.

Tom Cruise

One of the most happening actors of Hollywood went barely recognizable for his role in the movie Tropic Thunder, in which he is a sleazy executive.

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