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Five Reasons Why Inferno Is A Must-Watch Movie

By: Monojit M
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It has been a long time since we saw Ron Howard and Tom Hanks together in a movie based on a Dan Brown masterpiece. But if you are desperately waiting for one, then the time has come to book a cozy chair at a theater near you.

However, in the wake of its first opening in India (ahead of global release) there are some unhappy souls busy in writing off the film straightway on several grounds, even before it started screening properly at the theaters.


Believe me, here I will give you five reasons to grab a ticket and head straight to the movie hall for this fantastic Tom Hanks-Irrfan Khan starring mystery thriller.

1. Inferno Connects Robert Langdon's Journey Through The Da Vinci Code & Angels And Demons

Robert Langdon, the world's best-known fictional symbologist starts his extraordinary journey in The Da Vinci Code, unveils complex riddles to highlights a controversial part of the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.


Then after Robert Langdon plays a key figure to avoid a world catastrophe by his magnificent power of logical judgment and analysis.

Inferno will just take you from there to a world full with mysterious riddles and complex coding which only Robert Langdon would able to break into, to save another day.

2. Immerse Yourself In The Controversial Science Mix To Unveil Numeric Riddles

Ron Howard's "Inferno," is yet another 'globe-trotting', 'world-saving', 'mystery-solving' adventure. It also gives the audience an opportunity to unsolve a new set of complex mathematical and scientific riddles.


Greg Taylor, writer of Inside Dan Brown's Inferno, mentioned that if the American date notation, 5-14-13, is reversed, one ends up with the five digits of pi (3.1415). Many more such clues are cleverly implanted and you are the one to decode all with Robert Langdon, in the movie.

Blink your eyes three times and you miss three important clues.

3. Relish Tom Hanks-Irrfan Khan Acting Masterpiece

Prepare yourself to plunge into the acting masterpiece of two of the best-known artistes of the entertainment Industry. No introduction to Tom Hanks is required when it comes to Hollywood films. He has been a Godfather figure in the arena of films for years now.


Irrfan Khan on the other hand as one of the finest Asian actors joins hands with him to bring you a most palatable dish that you can't resist in terms acting is concerned in the movie.

4. Gives Insight Into The Theme Of Dante And Catholicism

It's Dan Brown's logical eye versus the old Catholic conception again. While the wrath unleashed earlier in the The Da Vinci Code resulted from the heretical emendation of world religious history, Inferno digs out at the modern church and its defamed Catholic leadership.


Don't expect me to tell you all here.

5. This Fast Paced Thriller Drama Will Make You Jump Out Of Your Seat

Well, if you have read the book already, then you must know that Dante's magnificent work of art, hides all the answers to nullify this new "terrorist" plot, woven on the context the entire human race is on the verge of extinction by killing each other.


Don't worry! Langdon and a friend will appear just at the right moment to save the day.

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